Sara – experimenting with volleyball…

Hello, all – I’m entering my summer experimental phase where I try all kinds of stuff!  Last year (or year before?) it was belly dance.  This year it’s volleyball – although I’m not sure how long I will last at this! Did this last Wed. night and plan to go again tonight.  Next week it moves outside on a sand court & I’m not sure I will like that…

Mon. June 1- 7427 steps (3722 aerobic) – 219 cal. – went to gym

Tues. June 2 – 7571 steps (3192 aerobic) – 222 cal. – again gym

Wed. June 3 – 9902 steps, 252 cal.  Volleyball – which involves a lot of “being ready” & then sudden activity, some of which stresses the hands/fingers/arms.  This week I have weight-lifters’ gloves which protect the wrists & part of fingers.  Will see how that works…I didn’t do badly but didn’t quite get the hang of the way you are supposed to hit the ball.

Thurs. June 4 – 3179 steps, 99 cal.  Exhausted.

Fri. June 5 – 2202 steps, 60 cal.  Computer cleanup day – my laptop died & I had to go on desktop which I had neglected horribly…

Sat. June 6 – 13021 steps (6187 aerobic), 378 cal.  Walked to Wegman’s & back.

Sun. June 7 – 7877 steps (1875 aerobic), 237 cal.  Running about at church, one time around the long block…picnic for the youth choir kids…

Mon. June 8 – 6465 steps, 161 cal.  Cleaned house for meeting.

Tues. June 9 – 8834 steps (4709 aerobic), 252 cal.  Walked down & up the hill & then around the long block.

Wed. – well, wish me luck at volleyball!  Bonsoir, everyone!



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3 responses to “Sara – experimenting with volleyball…

  1. lilalia

    Sara, love the way you manage to integrate all sorts of running around and activity into your normal day. That seems to me the best sort of activity we can do. Do keep care of those fingers and arms … that volleyball can hurt!

  2. Sara

    Yes, it did hurt me the first night. My weight-lifters gloves helped a lot last night. I did manage to serve several balls in a row OVER the net rather than just short of it. But I have a long way to go as a volleyball player… 😦
    Good news on the weight-loss front – I finally dared to weigh myself today and found I was 6 1/2 lbs. lighter! 🙂

  3. Wow! Volley-ball! I’m impressed! I so envy you with the weight loss! All this sitting and eating cookies to make up for courtroom stress is making me fat!

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