Naomi – Walking end of May, now June

As I’d indicated earlier, my participation has become rather clunky.  As have I.  This apartment-selling has dragged me down.  Look okay in public but realize I’ve become more dark.  [Note how I do not want to say “depressed.”]

My apologies for not commenting on all of your efforts.  Truthfully, I could not read here and have  to face my unsatisfactory participation.  Generally it’s been like pulling teeth (sorry, Claude, know you do not like that image) to crank out a blog.  Politically the space around here has been quite dark; we are still fighting the crazy anti-Choice people.  Along with the economy, etc.

My shoulder is better.  Physical therapy, now ended, has been wonderful,  improved how I stand and walk.  That has ended.  Acupuncture has been useful for arm and back.  As a side, I was surprised to learn I’ve been spelling it incorrectly–with an extra “c.”  Thought the Chinese were wrong–not a chance.

May 17…5,646 steps, 1136 aerobic (Open House, someone makes an offer)

May 18…6,136

May 19…7,525

May 20…5,812

May 21…6,274 steps, 1,624 aerobic

May 22…1,824

May 23…4,027 steps

May 24… 3,788 steps

May 25…1,335 steps (Co-op Board rejects our buyer’s offer)

May 26…4,971

May 27…begin to forget to put pedometer in pocket some days

May 31…Open House

June 5…1,470 steps

June 6…4,616

June 7…5,459  (Open House)

June 8…6,532

June 9…3,004 steps (Had to deal with loosely-wrapped buyer who may/may not work out)

And so it goes.  Fortunately, we decided to take a break, go to Portland, O. for ten days.  Cannot come soon enough with a parting Open House day before we leave.



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2 responses to “Naomi – Walking end of May, now June

  1. Sara

    Hi, Naomi, I’m so glad your shoulder is better and that your walking/body use habits have improved. Sorry about the “darkness.” To me your steps look pretty good given everything that you are dealing with – MAJOR change – and uncertainty – and stress. Be good to yourself – we miss you & don’t forget you!

  2. Sorry to be so late in responding, but must say I don’t do much on my computer on week days, because of too much sitting…
    Glad to hear your shoulder is better and it seems to me that the steps are good too.
    I understand how the uncertainties of buying and selling can take their toll on you and admire you for keeping on walking.

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