update from Holly

hi folks, sorry for not posting sooner. May was pretty insane, was temping at a friend’s office all month pulling 12 hour days and getting up at 5am to do my writing. Of course a few weeks into that I got really sick, and wasn’t able to finish out the last three days of my temp job – lost some nice money because of that.

back to the freelance world, to say i am underemployed is putting it mildly, s0 i truly can’t commit to anything these days besides making enough to cover food and shelter, ergo i’m going to stop my intermittent posting. i’ll still be reading what you are all doing though so keep up the good work! you continue to inspire me.

happy summer.



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3 responses to “update from Holly

  1. lilalia

    Holly, here’s hoping all your efforts will yield success. As someone who’s gone from one temporary contract to another for over ten years, I feel for you. Just hope you have friends and family that can help you both materially and with moral support. Take dear care of yourself.

  2. Sara

    Oh, temping can be such a drag. And yet there are times one is grateful for it. I have put in my time there too. Hang in and I am sure things will improve – do let us know how you are, even if regular posting is too much! Take care….

  3. Hope things will improve for you Holly. Wishing you luck!

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