Sara – the new “non-diet!”

Hello, all!  I’m not quite ready to post my steps – will do that tomorrow or Monday – my laptop crashed yesterday & now I am spending more time trying to get my desktop configured correctly – I’ve been ignoring that machine for months.  Laptop WILL get fixed, just not immediately…

So I thought I’d post on my new Non-Diet, inspired by the book French Women Don’t Get Fat.

Mireille Guiliano's book

Mireille Guiliano's book

You may also have seen the cartoon from the New Yorker by Lee Lorenz, entitled “The Secret Shame of Paris,” in which a bunch of flics are herding fat French women into a paddy wagon!   Nonetheless, I think the book makes a valid point – MANY French women do seem to take a different approach to food.

The subtitle, “The Secret of Eating for Pleasure,” is the key.  This is the new thing for me.   Of course like many of us, I ate to satisfy emotional hunger and to alleviate boredom.  But I truly got sick of myself when I realized I couldn’t get into last year’s jeans and that I looked pretty bad in the gym’s mirrors as I huffed and puffed through my floor exercises.

Sooooo…I took this book seriously.   It recommends that you write down everything you eat for 3 weeks, to see what your food traps are.  I didn’t need to do that, I already knew, but I am writing everything down anyway because it helps me avoid “mindless eating.”  “Mindful eating,” enjoying every mouthful, is the goal.  There are no foods to avoid.  I have actually been eating better, since I’ve found some vegetables like carrots that I adore substituting for carbolicious things like rice and potatoes (at least for now), and I am focusing on finding new recipes that are easy, tasty, and satisfying.

I have snacked much less.  But from time to time in the last 3 weeks I have pigged out (on cheese and crackers, on cookies, on a dark chocolate bar with crystallized ginger).  However, I don’t feel deprived as I used to with my old approach. And I haven’t eaten as much of those things as I would have before my new mindful approach!

And I can get into one pair of last year’s jeans!  I look better in the mirror.  And after a couple of weeks, I think I may make it into the other pair that fit tighter over the tummy.

I credit my Elder Exercise buddies with helping me not beat up on myself so much and not require so much so fast.  That attitude REALLY helps!

Now if I could only paste in that Lee Lorenz cartoon – but it’s copyrighted – 😦

Off to walk to Wegman’s – and I may take a big risk and buy some ice cream!

Have a lovely day, all!




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3 responses to “Sara – the new “non-diet!”

  1. lilalia

    Mindful eating is really the way to go. After spending all of my teenage years dieting because that is what ballet dancers do no matter how skinny they are, I gave up on dieting once I quit. I did some fasting during spring of every year when I was in my Zen phase. Now, I just try to eat a lot of different seasonal stuff in moderation, with moderate results… maybe I’m setting my goals too low.

  2. naomidagenbloom

    Oh, Sara, how much I’ve missed not reading here the past couple of weeks. You continue to entertain me. The author of that book is wife of university president where our son is on faculty. They do not seem to hear much about her which may let us know that the French (she is heir to a champagne fortune?) keep their various lives better separated than Americans.

    Is “mindful eating” related to “slow food”?

  3. Sara

    Glad I am on the right track, Lia!
    I am so glad that I brighten your day, Naomi! Will try to chase some darkness away.
    Hmmmm, you know the champagne lady! It would be fun to meet her.
    I am not sure about the slow food thing. I think that may relate not just to the speed of consumption but the speed of cooking…
    But in general I think it would be nice if a lot of things would slow down… 🙂

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