Claude – too much sitting, but still walking

Jury duty implies sitting for hours on end and taking notes. I have developed a new pain in my elbow, due to scribbling. Used to have mouse elbow, now have pen elbow 😦
It turns out that my almost daily ten minutes stretching exercise has become as indispensable as the walking. I do miss my weekly Feldenkrais and stretching classes though.
But what can you do? Keep on walking whenever I can.

From May 30 2009 to June 5 2009

Saturday: 14, 000 steps, 10 + 20mn brisk walking
Sunday: 7, 000 steps
Monday: lots of napping
Tuesday: 13,000 steps, 25mn brisk walking, 5mn stretching

Watching the telly and enjoying a nice rest with my feet up

Dreaming of more lazy days…

Wednesday: 10,000steps, 10+25mn brisk walking, 10mn stretching
Thursday: 10,500steps,10 mn brisk walking, 10 mn stretching
Friday: 10,500 steps, 20 on brisk walking, 10mn stretching

The nice part is we are actually leaving court earlier, around 6 or 7p.m.
But May has been light, due to lots of days off. From now on, it’ll be five-day weeks.



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3 responses to “Claude – too much sitting, but still walking

  1. Sara

    Beautiful feet! 🙂 Keep up the good work. Too bad you can’t take your notes on a little computer…but I bet they don’t allow such in the courtroom. I’ll be thinking of you as you go to 5-day weeks…hang in there!

  2. lilalia

    Claude, you are an inspiration, for sure. What great step counts. I’m going to strive harder.

    Are their interesting cases, or are you just on one case?

  3. naomidagenbloom

    Should have been looking here before now, photo inspirational in its compostion–so much tucked in to rectangle. Thanks!

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