Lia – Hopefully back in the swing of things

Dear Ever Patient Elder Exercisers,

I am sorry for being remise in reporting my exercise routine of late. I’ve just come back from a two-week vacation. I have been trying out my new insoles and must say that they are not so bad at all.

My pedometer broke down. The forth in the last two years. I must confess that for the moment, I am tired of spending money on pedometers and dropping them into a toilet (1st), losing them on my travels (2nd), having them break down three months after purchase and not being able to find the sales bill (3rd), and having something happen to them while in my purse (4th). I’m going to have to revert back to my dab-a-little reports and hope that you can forgive the lackness.

The weather has suddenly turned to summer and so I am trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible. I am not necessarily doing a lot of walking, but I am so enjoying myself.

Week before last:

Tuesday: 20 minutes walking, 10 kilometers bicycling

Wednesday: 30 minutes walking

Thursday: 30 minutes walking along Baltic Sea beach front

Friday: 20 minutes walking along Baltic Sea beach front

Saturday: 30 minute sitting on beach watching the Tall Ships sail by on their way to Kiel

Sunday: 45 minutes walking along Baltic Sea beach front

Monday: 45 minutes through woods and raps fields

Last week:

Tuesday: 30 minutes walking along Baltic Sea beach front

Wednesday: nothing, drive back from northern Germany to Luebeck

Thursday: 20 minutes walking

Friday: nothing, travel to Berlin

Saturday: 2 hours of walking around city

Sunday: 2 hours walking around lake outside of Berlin

Monday: 20 minutes walking, return to Luebeck



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3 responses to “Lia – Hopefully back in the swing of things

  1. Sara

    Wow, this is a wonderful record, Lia! Minutes work just as well as steps. In fact I think those 20 minute walks are the ones that register aerobic on my Omron & my doctor said YEARS ago that I should just do 20 minutes a day & quit worrying. So I am happy if I get that in & overjoyed if I can do more!
    Glad your new insoles are working out.
    Walking by the Baltic Sea sounds like heaven to me…
    (rhyme unintended…) 🙂

  2. Claude

    Hey, Lia, great to see you again. Who said one HAD to have a pedometer? Not me! Minutes are fine, so are kilometers or miles or whatever! And walking isn’t the only exercise available!
    I dropped one pedometer that fell under a lift, never to be retrieved and lost one while trying on new jeans… I’m just hopelessly addicted to gadgets, that’s all 😀
    Mmm, the Baltic Sea! Wouldn’t mind walking there at all! You lucky girl!
    Good to know that your insoles are doing fine. I have an appointment beginning of July to see what’s wrong with mine.

    Great job with walking and welcome back!

  3. naomidagenbloom

    Lia, Joining all the above in congratulating you on all those hours and minutes of walking…and so scenic that it’s impressive you could keep track.

    Sound like great insoles if they can undo your foot problem. Hope they continue to do the trick.

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