Claude – a rather good week

although I’m sure Sara and myself would enjoy some company, but I guess that if you ladies have given up, there’s not much we can do about it, except saying we are sorry!
As I find that my walking is a life saver, particularly during these difficult two and a half months, I’m grateful to Sara for being here.

Last week was more tolerable, schedulewise. After Monday and Tuesday when we finished respectively at 10p.m. and 10p.m. and I felt I just wouldn’t be able to keep up with such crazy hours, Wednesday came and we were treated to three normal days when we got out before 6p.m. Mind you, those days felt like a holiday! I even went to the movies!
‘nugh talking!
Here are my steps for the week from Saturday, May 23 to Friday, May 29

Saturday, May 23: 10 mn stretching, no walking. I did feel the stretching was necessary, with such long hours of sitting, my back hurt like hell!
Sunday, May 24: 5,000 steps. Needed to rest some more
Monday, May 25: 11,000 steps, 15 mn brisk walking
Tuesday, May 26: 7,500 steps, 30 mn brisk walking, (it was pouring at lunch time, so no walking)

Having a cup of coffee at the bar

Had a cup of coffee there

Wednesday, May 27: 11,000 steps, 15 minutes brisk walking, 10mn stretching,
Thursday, May 28: 13,344steps, 20mn brisk walking, 10 mn stretching
Friday, May 29: 14,104steps, 25mn brisk walking, 10mn stretching,



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3 responses to “Claude – a rather good week

  1. Sara

    Super, Claude! You need to rest on weekends for sure. I can’t believe that they expect you all to be able to be alert until 10 PM…but then, do you start at 10 AM or earlier? Even so, it is a 12 hour day! I don’t think I could do it. My brain would pop…
    My walking is also a lifesaver in less obvious ways – now that my schedule is becoming more flexible, it’s going to give me some structure – and it’s helping so much with my attempts to watch my food intake. Notice I did not say that nasty D-word, “diet” (whispering), since I am NOT dieting…I will do a separate post on my non-dieting… 🙂

  2. lilalia

    I can well imagine that you brain feels as if it has sore muscles after such marathons. Is that even legal to keep you there so long?

    Sorry, the rest of us have been slack about recording our exercise activities. In my case, not writing doesn’t mean not exercising, it just means I’m not on the Internet so much.

    This group has done wonders to getting me out walking regularly. Before I started on the blog, there would be days and days, if not weeks, that would go by and I’d just push going for a walk out of my mind. Reading your and the others’ blog posts act as a constant reminder.

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