Claude – walking and trying to get some rest

Had a long weekend this week, four days in a row and probably the last short week till July 10th. Which means I only “worked” three long days, getting home at 11pm twice.
What I find particularly difficult is having no schedule. When I worked, I knew what time I started and what time I stopped. These days I have no control over anything, including the times when I need to go to the toilet.
Quite an interesting experience to go through though, as I get to test my patience and my endurance, and find that I am more adaptable than I thought, notwithstanding a pervading backache due to sitting for hours on end.

Here’s my week from Saturday May 16 to Friday May 22

The Eiffel Tower seen from Pont-Neuf

Sharing a photo taken during on of my lunchtime walks

Saturday: 9,000 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais lesson
Sunday: 7,000 steps
Monday: 11,000 steps, 15mn brisk walking
Tuesday: 11,000 steps, 15 mn brisk walking, 10 mn stretching exercise
Wednesday: 10,000 steps, 10 mn stretching
Thursday: 10mn stretching, no walking, lots of napping
Friday: 10,000 steps, 35mn brisk walking


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One response to “Claude – walking and trying to get some rest

  1. Sara

    OH, that is difficult! No regular breaks, then…I would find that quite hard. Loss of control…definitely a challenge.
    You’re doing great with steps though!
    I hope the case is not becoming too emotionally exhausting…

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