Naomi – Poking along in May…

Realizing I’ve been an “unreliable” communicator here, I think you need to know that’s how I’ll be for the forseeable future.  We seem to have a buyer for our apartment.  My days are filled with uncertainty, showing the apartment, wondering.  At the same time, it has been a challenge to my creativity and I’ve enjoyed that very much.

If the current deal comes through, then we will move this summer.  Awesome to contemplate yet wonderful.  Here’s what I have on recorded activity of late.

May 3… 2,211

May 4…6,930

May 5… 3,3551

May 6… 7,049

May 7… 3,793 and 1,002 Aerobic

May 8… 2,269 and 1506 Aerobic

May 9… 3,246

May 10… 3,887

May 11… 3,896

My shoulder seems less painful which I credit to physical therapy and recently begun accupuncture.  Celebrex dropped due to side effects–sleep disruption for one which I can do very well without medication.  

Continue to eat too much sweet stuff but weight not going up–yet!



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2 responses to “Naomi – Poking along in May…

  1. Naomi, planning on moving IS exercise! And I remember how it was when I had to have my flat ready at all times for possible visitors 😦
    You are probably a tidy and organised person, which makes it easier. But to me, it was like torture LOL
    Since you like averages, it’s not bad at all, about 3,900 with two peaks over 6,000. Keep walking!

    Glad your shoulder is better. Hated Celebrex, but then I hate drugs on the whole

  2. Sara

    This sounds like good news to me, Naomi! You are keeping active & those step counts are good! (walking back & forth packing boxes, I’m sure…)
    My sleep aid of choice is Super Skim milk, heated with cocoa… 🙂
    We’ll look forward to hearing more from you when the move is complete. Hang in there!

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