Sara- Saraland a more consistent place, also less fast-food-ish…

Good morning, happy  Monday!  A busy week looms ahead with rehearsal tonight but I have some time for me today, which I plan to spend at our annual used-book-sale put on by AAUW.  Who knows what I will find…

Tuesday May 5 – 4331 steps (3318 aerobic), 1.77 miles

Wed. May 6 – 7551 steps (3533 aerobic), 3.09 miles

Thurs. May 7 – 9195 steps (6066 aerobic), 3.77 miles

Fri. May 8 – 8307 steps (3837 aerobic), 3.40 miles

Sat. May 9 – 8992 steps (2779 aerobic), 3.68 miles

Sun. May 10 – 8139 steps (2139 aerobic), 3.33 miles

OK, foolish consistency may be the hobgoblin of small minds (or however that proverb goes!)  but I think I am doing better NOT aiming for 10,000 or more.  That seems to wear me out…and the range I have hit this week feels sustainable.  Also I am doing better on my little hills!  Will put a photo of my hills in here at some point but no time now, off to book sale with my neighbor Mickey!  

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day, if that was celebrated in your country yesterday!  (or even if not…just a lovely day in general!)

Thanks for all your encouraging comments, calming my tendency to be hard on myself!  🙂  Have a great week!



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2 responses to “Sara- Saraland a more consistent place, also less fast-food-ish…

  1. naomidagenbloom

    Good work, Sara, both the stepping and expectation-adjustment. I would love to log in regularly in the 8,000 range as you have done.

    Though a mother and gmother, I’d rather a national holiday for women–celebrate our collective survival. A blogging friend says she still receives a $400 check from the Swiss government because her family lived there 10 years. Now that is honoring mothers!

  2. Aiming for a number of steps can be discouraging, I find. Especially at times when one is busy otherwise! I think that you are doing great, with lots of regularity. And exercise has to remain pleasant and not become a chore. Great week, Sara!

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