Claude – still managing to walk

Actually, I am relieved that I do manage quite a few steps on days when I am busy from 10am to late in the evening. What I do is I take along my daily dose of almonds, one banana and go walking and taking photos at lunch time. One hour’s walk, that clears my brain, so to speak. Then in the evening, when we’re done, I walk half the way home and then take the metro.

Horloge de la Tour de l'Horloge 124/365

The oldest Paris public clock, taken during one of my lunch walks

So here’s my week from May 2nd to May 8th 2009

Saturday: 6,500 steps
Sunday: 6,000 steps
Monday: 10,500 steps, 5 mn stretching
Tuesday: 11,200 steps, 5 mn stretching
Wednesday: 12175 steps
Thursday: 6,622 steps
Friday: rest and nothing but rest



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2 responses to “Claude – still managing to walk

  1. Sara

    You’re doing an awesome job! Banana and almonds sounds the perfect way to have an on-the-go lunch. Walking always clears my head too…hope your week is not too trying… 🙂

  2. naomidagenbloom

    Amazed once again, Claude, by your determination to move feet even in these limited circumstances. Great photo of the old clock; wish we had more of these around the city.

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