Holly – update for first week of May

yikes! my battery in my pedometer died so it looks like I’ve lost my step counts this week. have to change it today. otherwise, i am getting some steps in every day now because I’m working part time this month helping out in a friend’s office and it involves some running around and doing errands. doing a couple of freelance film jobs as well and indexing a series of high school textbooks. it feels good to be able to pay bills again.

after many days of rain here in New York City, today is a sparkling beautiful spring day. Have a great weekend everyone!



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4 responses to “Holly – update for first week of May

  1. Hoping you’ve got a new battery for your pedometer and will be back next week with your exercise report 🙂
    Good to hear about the job!

  2. Sara

    Better luck next week! Sounds like the new job came along at just the right time! Take care!

  3. naomidagenbloom

    Holly, that “running around” sounds as if many steps were accumulated!

    I got a replacement battery at Golden Sound that little place on Broadway between 78th and 79th. And they put it in for me. You just have to fix the settings.

    Hope you financial life improves soon.

  4. June is here and we haven’t heard from you… Hope you are ok

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