Lia – Still slow but still moving

Claude asked if I am cyling indoors or out…. luckily, outdoors. Luebeck is a small city. Even though the car drivers assert their rights as “bigger and faster” people on the streets too often for my liking, it is perfectly safe to ride bicycles here. There is even a whole network of bicycle paths both in the city and on its outskirts. Yeah for bicycle paths.

My list of exercise for this week:

Monday – 7 km bicycle

Tuesday – 7 km bicycle

Wednesday – 8 km bicycle

Thursday – 2,600 steps (dental surgery)

Friday – 2,000 steps

Saturday – 3,000 steps

Sunday – lazy day

I’ll see if I can take a photo or two in the next days on my way to work.

Have a good weeek!



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5 responses to “Lia – Still slow but still moving

  1. I’ll say yeah for bicycle paths too! That’s wonderful that you can bike. Better for your ankle, no weight on it. Hope good weather goes on and allows you to bike on.
    About jury duty, the whole trial is behind closed doors as their are minors involved, so I won’t be at liberty to write anything about it. And anyway, I think that after it’s over, I might not want to even think about it again. But we’ll see

  2. Sara

    Hurrah, Lia! You’re doing a great job on the bike! I hope your ankle gets better soon and will let you walk again…in the meantime have fun!

  3. biking is great. glad to hear you’re out and about!

  4. naomidagenbloom

    Lia, what focused energy you’re giving to taking care of yourself. Hope you keep on in this incremental way. And sorry about dental surgery–never a good thing.

    Today’s (5/12/09) has a front page article about a car-free town in Vauben, Germany, near the Swiss border. Sounds idyllic.

  5. May is over and June is here… Hope you are alright

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