Claude – sitting a lot, but still walking

As I mentioned last week, I have been called on jury duty. The good part is that I can still get some walking done, I get it done at lunch time and on the way back home. Of course, I have to remain seated for long sessions. I can’t tell you more about it, so I won’t be mentioning it any longer. But it’ll be the pattern of my weeks until July 10th

From Saturday April 25 to Friday May 1st

Saturday 5,500 steps
Sunday, lazy Sunday 😀
Monday, 14,6188 steps, 25mn brisk walking, 5mn stretching exercise
Tuesday 10,662 steps, 5mn stretching exercise
Wednesday, 11,139 steps, 5mn stretching exercise
Thursday, 10,895 steps, 5mn stretching exercise

Muguet / Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley to bring you luck, happiness …and a lot of steps 😀

Friday, lazy Friday! I needed that!
May 1st, our labour day, is celebrated by a day off work every year. Tradition has it that lily of the valley will bring you luck and happiness.
I wish us all a healthy year with lots of steps and exercise!



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3 responses to “Claude – sitting a lot, but still walking

  1. lilalia

    Claude, what an impressive number of steps. You must be having good spring weather these days. Hope you will be able to write a bit on your blog about your experiences of being on jury duty. I’ll like to hear about it.

  2. Sara

    Fantastic steps as usual, Claude – I’m glad jury duty is going to let you walk, I think one would need to walk to clear one’s head…
    I’ve really enjoyed your audioboos – and of course daily photos – hope you will keep doing them even if not every day!
    I can hardly imagine such a long case. It must feel as though you are in another world, in a way. Take care and hang in there…

  3. great step counts! happy spring!

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