Holly – April 1 to April 7

April 7 – Tues – 2977
April 6 – Mon – forgot pedometer
April 5 – Sun – 1041
April 4 – Sat – 3317 plus 2 hours yoga
April 3 – Fri – 1129
April 2 – Thurs – 886
April 1 – Wed – 1138

Doing okay – steps count could be better – starting a new job next week and I know it will bring my step count up plus I will be walking up and down stairs. A lot. Which is a good thing! Continuing my yoga class at least once a week. Also, things are going very well with my weight loss group. Lost 3.4 pounds last week!! So I’m thrilled and I know that more walking can only help in this regard. Happy Passover and Easter, everybody!



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4 responses to “Holly – April 1 to April 7

  1. lilalia

    Holly, your step counts looks good to me. Hope your new job goes well.

  2. naomidagenbloom

    Good going, Holly. Just today I was talking about one of the reasons leaving NYC appeals is that the subway steps are getting to me. So, my loss, your gain–exercise of course.

  3. Sara

    Yoga and weight-loss – hurray for you! And your new job sounds like a good one step-wise! Always great to be able to work more activity into your daily routine. I’ll look forward to hearing how things go – have a good week!

  4. Congratulations on the weight loss!
    Good to hear that the new job will provide new step opportunities 😀

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