Naomi -Goodbye, March!

March 21…7,469 steps

March 22…2,355

March 23…6,432

March 24…4,031

March 25…4,249

March 26…3,050

March 27…4,559

March 28…6,402

March 29…2,257

March 30…Zero

March 31…3,986

Working on a new blog for selling our apartment, “A Little Red Hen Flies the Co-op.”  Corny but am in the “whatever it takes mode.”  We are having to be our own real estate company and I’m enjoying the creative part but having a bit more insomnia than I’d like and too much time at computer.  Let’s hear it for April!



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3 responses to “Naomi -Goodbye, March!

  1. love the name of your new blog. definitely send me the info on your apt. and i will get it out to my network of friends. you never know!

    and glad April is here………but why is it still cold and dismal? 🙂

  2. Sara

    A new blog sounds like a great idea! Hope it works for you. I’m behind on posting, just read your later post, but waving at you here.

  3. Hey, sorry I wasn’t around for commenting! This was really a good week! A good title for your new blog, I think. Let us know when we can visit!

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