Sandy – rainy week

After all those sunny posts I don’t want to put a damper on the proceeds by describing my rather washed out week – but then – the Ardennes is famous for its rainy weather.

22nd -28th March

Sunday – bit of a lazy day

Monday: 3514

Tuesday: 7528

Wednesday: 2826

Thursday: 5234

Friday: 5818

Saturday: 3709

A bit disappointing but I think my knee appreciated less stress.

The sun is shining today so maybe it means a better week is coming.



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5 responses to “Sandy – rainy week

  1. it’s a rainy spring here too. but it’s great to get out regardless. cheering you on!

  2. lilalia

    I don’t know, those steps seem relatively good and some of them very much so. Here’s hoping the rain stops soon.

  3. A pretty good week considering the weather! Difficult when it rains a lot! I’ve been lucky with the weather. Keep those steps going!

  4. Sara

    You are getting those steps up there, Sandy! Good job! (the rain always dampens my spirits for walking too) glad your knee does not seem to act up in the rainy weather…???

  5. No news from you for the last… two months. Are you still with us? Are you alright?

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