Sara – woo hoo! me too!

Hi, everyone, it looks like spring is springing for all of us!  Me too.

Mon. Mar. 16 – 10290 steps (7452 aerobic), 3.57 mi.

Tues. Mar. 17 – 9421 steps (3552 aerobic), 3.27 mi.  Ate LOTS of corned beef for St. Patty’s Day!  (mmm)  and I do mean lots!  

Wed. Mar. 18 – 9608 steps (5954 aerobic), 3.33 mi.

Thurs. Mar. 19 – 4216 steps (1879 aerobic), 1.46 mi. 

Fri. Mar. 20 – 9040 steps, 3.13 mi. – contradancing at a rather less aerobic pace than usual!

Sat. Mar. 21 – 10384 steps (3849 aerobic), 3.60 mi.  – birthday party, had some of that all-sugar cake…not worth it…oh well…

Sun. Mar. 22 – 7269 steps, 2.52 mi. – housecleaning for a meeting – finished the day with an apple  martini, but wonder of wonders, my weight was lowest this morning that it has been since I ate all that corned beef…

So onward and upward – just loving this weather!  Today has been an internet potato day (as Claude would say) but I may yet get out and walk a bit, temp. is 45 F. which isn’t bad!

Happy walking!  Happy spring!



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5 responses to “Sara – woo hoo! me too!

  1. lilalia

    Sara, hurray to spring! What a good job you did of welcoming in the season by walking. What is contradancing? All the best to you, Lia

  2. naomidagenbloom

    Thanks for the inspirational enthusiasm, Sara. You definitely are blossoming with the hint of spring shining on you.

  3. sablonneuse

    You definitely sound full of the joys of Spring and with all that exercise I’m sure you don’t need to worry about eating too much now and again.
    I hadn’t realised corned beef was an Irish delicacy. Did you have it with colcannon?

  4. you go, girl! keep up the great work.

  5. Just realised I had not commented here! I get mixed up from seeing you on Plurk, I guess! It sure was a great and active week!
    Well done, Sara!

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