Lia- good week as well

It does look as if we are finally getting out of our winter rut. I had a pretty good week:

Monday: 3000 steps

Tuesday: 8,300 steps

Wednesday: 6, 900 steps

Thursday: 5,200 steps

Friday. 5,400 steps

Saturday and Sunday: nada

I agree with Claude that it is a lot easier when the sun is out.



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5 responses to “Lia- good week as well

  1. Yes! You are back in business! Great job! Welcome back!

  2. Sara

    Looking good, Lia! Yay for you!

  3. naomidagenbloom

    Your week is looking very good, Lia. Yes, it does give a boost to my good intentions when the weather cooperates!

  4. sablonneuse

    Well done you 🙂 Glad you are getting some better weather. It does help doesn’t it?

  5. nothing like sunlight to make everything better. kudos to you!

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