Claude – a sunny week

Had a good week. My tummy is feeling OK, the weather was great so a good week all in all.
Saturday March 14th to Friday March 20th

Saturday was an Internet Potato day! No walking!
Sunday Just ran errands and amounted to 6,000 steps
Monday 12,520 steps
Tuesday 11, 000 steps, 30mn brisk walking and one-hour Feldenkrais session
Wednesday 12,456 steps
Thursday 9,000 steps, 25mn brisk walking
Friday 12,000 steps, 30 brisk walking, one-hour stretching exercise

Nice part is I stuck to my three times a week brisk walking.
Everything is so much easier when it doesn’t rain, isn’t it?



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6 responses to “Claude – a sunny week

  1. lilalia

    Good counts. Sunshine does make it easier, doesn’t it?

  2. Sara

    Well done, Claude! (applause) Especially that brisk stepping! Hope the good weather continues for us all.

  3. sablonneuse

    So pleased to hear your tummy is better. Hope it continues to behave itself 🙂
    I’m so impressed that your ‘low count’ was ‘only’ 6000. We’ve had lots of rain here so I’ve not managed to go out much at all. Perhaps you could send some sunshine our way please – but keep some for yourself.

  4. i aspire towards a day when 6,000 steps is a low count. you’re an inspiration to me!

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