Naomi – March 14-20, Mystery of Lost Days

Where did the record-keeping go?  Pedometer in pocket as usual but March 10 -13 no numbers in my little book.  Think that focus on selling our apartment is too distracting–without results.   Enough–already looking forward to our return to Portland in June.

March 14…4,297 

March 15…5,290

March 16…5,682

March 17…9,935

March 18…8,124 

March 19…8,369 and 1,314 aerobic*

March 20..2,202

* Foot doctor, how appropriate, for laser treatment for toenail fungus.  Next day NY Times said that it had not been FDA approved–which will be a surprise to my doctor who thought it was.  Day before learned from neurologist that I only have inflammation around rotator cuff in one shoulder.  Told to keep on with physical therapy, pain should be gone in a year.  Okay.



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5 responses to “Naomi – March 14-20, Mystery of Lost Days

  1. gone in a year? 😦 Was that supposed to encourage you? Sometimes, I wonder about doctors!
    Anyway, I think that in spite of forgotten steps, you too will soon deserve a chocolate pedometer? Maybe we should make it a chocolate… shoulder?
    That was quite a week Naomi.
    March 17 reads practically 10,000 steps! Wowie! That’s a girl!

  2. lilalia

    I agree with Claude, gone in one year! That’s the good news? Are there any people looking twice at your apartment? My sister and her partner thankfully were able to sell their home in Montreal. Not New York for sure, but equally as anxious to move on to their new life of wandering around Canada and the US in their AirStream camper.

    Your step count was very good.

  3. Sara

    Great job, Naomi! I think the chocolate shoulder sounds excellent…
    It would be a wonder if you didn’t lose track of some things in the midst of all this!
    Hang in there!

  4. sablonneuse

    You certainly have a lot on your mind at present and the prospect of a painful shoulder for another year doesn’t sound helpful.
    However, congratulations for managing such terrific step count and all good wishes for the sale and the move.

  5. selling an apt. in NYC right now is not easy, or anywhere for that matter. i hope we can get together before you move. haven’t seen you since before the election!

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