Sara – a great week! weather is improving

Hi, everyone, thanks to improving weather and a bit of time off, I got in some long walks!  In the next few weeks I may not be so lucky since work is primary from now until Easter (April 12 – less than a month!).  But day by day…

Monday Mar. 9 – 6761 steps, 2.34 mi. thanks to my trampoline

Tues. Mar. 10 – 4951 steps (2302 aerobic), 1.71 miles

Wed. Mar. 11 – 12,117 steps (6142 aerobic), 4.20 miles

Thurs. Mar. 12 – 6804 steps (3190 aerobic), 2.36 mi.

Fri. Mar. 13 – 8896 steps (2967 aerobic), 3.08 mi.  – NOT superstitious!

Sat. Mar. 14 – 13,853 steps ( 7723 aerobic), 4.81 mi. – thanks to showing an out of town friend around the Penn State campus!  I think this is my all-time-high step count!  🙂

sun. Mar. 15 – 4778 steps, 1.65 mi.  I was pretty exhausted!  But two low-step days when my count is still in the 4000s feels pretty good.  would like to get to where my l lowest days are 6000 but that may be pie in the sky.  🙂  

Enjoy the improving weather!  It will soon be time for yardwork here…



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5 responses to “Sara – a great week! weather is improving

  1. lilalia

    Boy, you deserve the golden medal for this week! Fantastic. At this point in the long winter, a week like this must seem as if you were filled with summer steam.

  2. sablonneuse

    Spring has certainly sprung already for you, Sara!
    Congratulations on topping 13000 steps. What a terrific score!
    Hope you manage to keep to your target of 6000. That would be pretty difficult for me.

  3. Well done, Sara! Great job this week. And I know how much work you have too!
    I agree that you deserve a medal! 🙂 How about a chocolate one, that’s better than gold, I think 😀

  4. naomidagenbloom

    Excellent, Sara! There seems to be talk of chocolate at ElderExercise. A medal made of it would be an hilarious prize, say, in the shape of a foot.

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