Sara – Here I am in la-la land…

Enjoying the luxury of two entire days off in a row!  It’s spring break week here.  I do have two rehearsals to conduct (Wed. & Thurs.) but other than that, can focus on my own projects.   Have been moderately active…

Tues. Mar. 3 – 8054 steps (4299 aerobic), 2.78 mi.

Wed. Mar. 4 – 7204 steps (3264 aerobic), 2.50 mi.

Thurs. Mar. 5 – 3112 steps, 1.08 mi.  one potato…

Fri. Mar. 6 – 8023 steps (3678 aerobic), 2.78 mi.

Sat. Mar. 7 – 5290 steps, 1.83 mi.  

Sun. Mar. 8 – 4723 steps, 1.63 mi.  

Mon. 6761 steps, 2.34 mi.  Did a lot of jumping but it didn’t show up because I was doing chores in between jumps.  

Weight is still too high since I have substituted consolations of food for consolations of alcohol!  But I feel more energetic so it’s worth it.  Am trying to sneak in veggies instead of carbs, but oh I am so carbolicious by nature!  Ah well. 

Wishing everyone warmer nicer weather for walking!  We have had a warm spell here but now it is in the 30s F. again…



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4 responses to “Sara – Here I am in la-la land…

  1. Sara, sounds good to me. alcohol is deadly calorie wise, but it’s great you’re getting so many steps in. i believe spring to be around the corner…!

  2. naomidagenbloom

    There need to be some new, improved things to eat for those of us trying to stay out of trouble. I need chocolate substitute…was doing well for a while, but then I lost it. In other words, I feel your struggle but the stepping looks good.

  3. sablonneuse

    A bit of comfort food and some alcohol are very welcome in cold weather. When Spring really arrives it should be easier to stick to healthy eating – and more walking. Your stepcount looks pretty good anyway though.

  4. A great week, Sara! As I always say, you can’t deprive yourself of everything. If you stop drinking alcohol, you’ll find something else to replace it. At least I function this way. Steps and exercise are good and this is important!

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