Sara – some progress, some backsliding – oh well!

Good morning, fellow exercisers!  Finally the snow has melted here but we may get more so it is not time for celebration yet.  Still quite cold & I have been doing computer maintenance/catchup/software changes indoors.  Weight – well, I have compensated with food for the loss of alcohol but have good resolutions about changing that, beginning NOW!  Will let you know how it goes.

Tues. Feb. 24 – 6240 (2439 aerobic – trampoline), 2.16 miles

Wed. Feb. 25 – 6345 (2429 aerobic – trampoline I think), 2.20 miles

Thurs. Feb. 26 – 6672 (3792 aerobic – gym I believe), 2.31 miles

Fri. Feb. 27 – 4159 (0 aerobic), 1.44 miles – I spent most of this day in the car being driven to & from a funeral, listening to other people mono/dialogue – somehow it was exhausting.

Sat. Feb. 28 – 4254 (0 aerobic), 1.47 miles – a work morning at church, then collapse

Sun. Mar. 1 – 8477 (3686 aerobic), 2.94 miles – another work morning but then my energy returned & I took a walk outside in the cold!

Mon. Mar. 2 – 3425 (0 aerobic), 1.18 miles – computer day – yes, Claude, doing nothing on the computer can be quite exhausting!  🙂  But actually I was doing upgrades & such – exhausting anyway.

I’m happy that my 4 up days were all over 6000 steps.  And that the “down” days were not lower!  So on the whole, progress!   I will have some photos to share in coming days, have finally done my memory upgrade on this laptop!  for now I will share this sweet song from Danny Kaye & wish you all happy inching along!

Happy walking, happy spring!



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4 responses to “Sara – some progress, some backsliding – oh well!

  1. I was convinced I had commented here! Probably because I “see” you on Plurk 😀
    It looks like an excellent week, doesn’t it, especially with those tiring days you’ve had!
    Great work!

  2. sablonneuse

    Certainly doesn’t look like a bad week to me.
    Thanks for the video. It reminded me of school when I used to love teaching that song to the children.

  3. good for you. keep on trucking!

  4. Sara

    Glad you enjoyed the video! I just adore Danny Kaye and memorized most of the songs in that movie when I was a child.
    Trucking away here!

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