Sandy – to the end of February

Needless to say, I didn’t take the pedometer into hospital with me but here are my steps for the days I wore it:

Thursday 19th:  1101

Friday 20th:   2797

Saturday – Monday, virtually bedridden (see blog)

Tuesday:  24th:  1286

Wednesday 25th: 1893

Thursday 26th: 1780

Friday 27th:  1542

Saturday 28th:  2417

Maybe I overdid it in the early days after coming home or perhaps, as the phlebologue suggested, it is quite normal for it to be more painful several days after the operation.

Anyway, since last weekend I’ve been more or less told to walk round the house and keep my feet up rather than ‘stand about.’

Nevertheless, I attempted a short stroll up the road yesterday as it was such a springlike day and the neighbours were busy gardening.



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2 responses to “Sandy – to the end of February

  1. Take it easy by all means! I think it’s already wonderful that you keep wearing your pedometer :D! But full recovery first! Thanks for being such a faithful commenter!

  2. Sara

    Good for you, Sandy, to keep wearing Mr. Omron! I’m glad all went well and it’s nice that spring is coming – we will all be so happy to be able to get out and about! Do take your time though, no hurry, you will get there! 🙂

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