Claude – a long winter

We’ve had snow three different times over Paris. I can’t remember this happening for the longest time. Maybe it’s my getting old, but I find this winter endless.
However I have managed “some” steps. I find great help using my pedometer! Thanks again to Sara for the tip and I have found a new toy which I have added to my iPhone.
It shows my itinerary, obviously the time I have spent walking and my walking speed, either metric or miles (of course I chose metric). Hope this new toy will help me with brisk walking.

40mn brisk walking. Sent from my iPhone

Apologies for not posting last week 😦
Here goes:
Mon. Feb. 2nd: 9,000 steps
Tue. Feb. 3rd: One-hour Feldenkrais session, 11,500 steps
Wed. Feb. 4th: 18,150 steps! That was a looooong walk! But I did stop and have lunch in the middle of it.
Thu. Feb. 5th: I deserved a rest 😀
Fri. Feb 6th: one-hour stretching exercise and 10,000 steps
Sat. Feb 7th: 6,000 steps
Sun. Feb 8th:
6,000 steps
Mon. Feb 9th: 20mn stretching in the morning (can’t believe it myself) but pouring rain and strong winds, stayed at home and got back on my Wii Fit for 40 mn aerobic
Tue. Feb 10th: One-hour Feldenkrais session, 13,300 steps and 40 mn brisk walking (screenshot above)
Wed. Feb 11th: 35mn brisk walking, 12,540 steps
Thu. Feb 12th: 14,220 steps
Fri. Feb 13th: One hour stretching exercise, 6,300 steps

So not so bad on the whole.

One last thing! You are all welcome to post fun stuff on the blog, (we all love to see it) as long as you ALSO post your step count or gym visits or belly dancing sessions or whatever it is you do, since this is what ElderExercise is all about! :D, that and commenting other members’ efforts.



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4 responses to “Claude – a long winter

  1. sablonneuse

    Wow – more than 18,000 steps in one day! Now that really is terrific. You’re so right about the hard winter – and I don’t think it’s anything to do with age. : )Last year the grey, miserable weather lasted all through what should have been Spring so let’s hope we’ve earned a bit more sunshine for the coming months.

  2. lilalia

    Claude, I have put generally what I have done during the weeks. Not step counts because my pedometer broke, but I more or less know the number of steps because they are always the same routes. I’ll try to be more precise in the coming weeks.

  3. Sara

    Just love your new toy, Claude! Color is always invigorating this time of year! The grey cold weather is quite discouraging but better things are around the corner…hang in, everyone!

  4. naomidagenbloom

    Well, Claude, it may be a long winter but you certainly seem up to speed! And another innovation to entertain us. I admire your being able to use this for brisk walking. Never work for me: has to be when I’m keeping up with someone else or have no idea I’m doing it.

    Will follow the idea of separate lines for each day from now forward. Stopped a while back it because looked too long.

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