Sandy – so what happened to January?

So where has January gone to? It has just slipped by for me. Of course I owe everyone an apology for not posting and there are no excuses. It’s just been difficult to get on the computer without interruption.

Anyway, here goes:

Jan 12th-17th

7704: 3028; 3327: 8763: 6910: 4312:

I can remember feeling very pleased with myself but can’t think how I achieved such good counts – apart from going into town quite a lot.

Jan 18th – 24th

2663: 3181; 6182: 4781: 8735: 5662: 4364:

Jan 25th – 31st

Sunday went to lunch with Yvette without pedometer.

3208: 6281: 3524: 3578: 4209: Saturday no score on calendar so perhaps I forgot to enter it.

Feb 1st-7th

Sunday friends to lunch: 4310: 2694: 6321: 6324: 2654: today, well. wait and see.

The good news is that I’ve managed to lose the extra pounds I put on over the festivities because my daughter has been keeping an eye on me and my nibbling.

The bad news is that I’m soon going to have to backpedal a bit because I’m having my varicose veins done on the 17th of this month. They will only do one leg at a time but both need doing. I’m not sure how much it will restrict walking or for how long but I’ll keep you posted.



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4 responses to “Sandy – so what happened to January?

  1. lilalia

    Sandy, good month. I do hope the operation goes well and you manage to recover quickly. Will be thinking of you on the 17th.

  2. Sara

    wow wow wow, Sandy, very cool and I love your new method of posting all those steps! I plan to adopt it. No joke, that varicose vein thing. I will pray it goes well and you are not hampered too much and recover quickly!
    all the best! hang in!

  3. Well, unlike Sara, I find the numbers horizontally aligned pretty difficult to read! 😀
    But maybe it’s me! Anyway, after poring some over them, I find your walking totally awesome!
    You’ve come a long way baby 🙂
    Please keep us posted as to the state of your legs, and if you are supposed to continue walking or not!

  4. Anything new on the leg front?
    Please keep in touch!

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