Naomi – Jan 23 to 30, Curious weight loss

Though not walking up to NYC standard, I have been eating less. Suppose that’s reason I seemed to have lost a couple of pounds in my time here in Portland. Or is the scale faulty? Whatever–daughter says I look thinner. But two days running of eating meat and the scale moves up.

January 23 (following last post & wondering if there’s something significant in that), 4401 steps,1915 aerobic
Jan. 24 – 4,401 steps…
Jan 25 – 3,662 steps…
Jan 26 – 4,4884 steps…
Jan 27 – 3,680 steps…
Jan 28 – 2,694 steps…
Jan 29 – 1,1418 steps…
Jan 30 – 1,708 steps.

Pretty cold here, much running about with small children…and the stairs! Return to NYC on January 7, much to do, so it may be 10 days or so before I check in again. Always keeping track of steps…thanks for encouragement.



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3 responses to “Naomi – Jan 23 to 30, Curious weight loss

  1. By NewYork standards it’s not as good, but when on holiday or not in one’s environment, I guess it cannot be avoided! Except for the 29th and 30th, I think you’re doing fine!
    Your scales cannot be wrong all the time 🙂 If you weighed at the beginning of your stay and now and it shows you’ve lost a couple of pounds, then you must have!
    And if you look thinner, all the better 😉
    Back to NY, everything will get back in order! The treadmill, up and down the subway, the walking group… Hang in there!

  2. Sara

    Whoa, how nice to lose weight and not even notice how! Wish I could get into that zone.
    Good work, and Claude is right, getting back home will put you more consistently on track! It’s always hard to be on someone else’s schedule…

  3. sablonneuse

    Sometimes when you stop thinking about losing weight or dieting you find a pound drops off here and there. However, you seem to have been kept pretty active with the children.

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