Holly – Dec. 22 to Jan. 6 – Happy New Year!

So glad it’s finally 2009. Just sayin’!

I lost a week of steps – forgot to write them down – and I refuse to beat myself up about it. So there! Here’s what I have for the last week:
Tuesday, Jan. 6 – 2840 steps
Monday, Jan. 5 – 2079 steps
Sunday, Jan. 4 – 2598 steps and 2 hours of yoga
Saturday, Jan. 3 – 3254 steps
Friday, Jan. 2 – 769 steps
Thurs, Jan. 1 – 1824 steps
Wed., Dec. 31 – 1614 steps

One extremely cool development is that one of my neighbors GAVE me a Pilates Reformer machine since she was buying a brand new one. This one is 10 years old and very operational. The only thing is that I have never done Pilates so I need some lessons and then I’m off and running…er, stretching. So that is great news!

Other than that, I am glad to see 2008 go by the wayside. Although I did have a really good year, I feel this year will be even better. And I am really looking forward to so many good things. I wrote a list of things I plan to manifest this year the other day and I also started a gratitude journal that I write in every day – 5 things I am grateful for.

I’m wishing you all the best possible year ever! Stay warm!

From the land of freezing rain (New York City 6:49am, Wed. Jan. 7).

I’m also adding a photo I took of myself and my cat, Mr. Boy, last week with my webcam.




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5 responses to “Holly – Dec. 22 to Jan. 6 – Happy New Year!

  1. Resolutions are good if one is the kind that sticks to them! (not my case).
    Why not add one resolution to your list, remember your pedometer and write down the number of steps every day? 😀
    Happy new year to you, Holly! And a lot of good exercise to you!

  2. sablonneuse

    You’re not the only one to forget the pedometer, Holly. I often forget mine. However, I usually write the steps on my calendar when I do remember it.
    Good luck with your resolutions.

  3. naomidagenbloom

    Let me add good wishes on your plans for 2009, Holly. Since 2008 connected you to the pedometer, hope you remember to record your good work in 2009.

  4. Hi Holly! Just wondering if you are still with us?
    Please let us know! You haven’t posted since the beginning of January…

  5. i’m still here! was going to post later today. sorry for the long silence. financial, emotional, work, health, and personal stresses abounded but things are calming down now. i’m here and committed and keeping up with pedometer/walking!

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