Naomi – December 25 – 31 as the year ends

All snow (is it 16 or 18 inches?), cold and rain in Portland, Oregon…

Dec. 25 – 2,170 steps…Dec. 26 – 3,172 steps in extreme slush…Dec. 27 – 2,896 steps…Dec. 28 -2,698 steps
Dec. 29 – 3,622 steps…Dec. 30 -2,464 steps…Dec. 31 – 1,988 steps.

Hopeful for coming days of rain only, the weather we expect here. Fiber gatherings coming up where I’ll look. for others who want to focus on exercise support and food control.



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3 responses to “Naomi – December 25 – 31 as the year ends

  1. Naomi, considering the sort of weather you have, it’s good. I find walking in snow impossible, just like walking on sand, but worse since it’s slippery. So take care!

  2. sablonneuse

    16 inches of snow??? Wow, we’ve had about one inch and that’s enough for me. Our little cat had a great time playing in it though.
    I’ll second Claude in saying be careful.

  3. Sara

    16 inches sounds awful! Do be careful. You will be able to do more soon…I have heard birds in the trees as I always do this time of year, it’s a nice reminder that this too will pass!

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