Sara – whew! now a bit of R ‘n R…

Hi, everyone!  I survived!  Actually all the music went very well.  and I had the perfect Christmas Day, spent with my neighbor Mickey who is one of my best friends.  We cooked steaks and various interesting side dishes and salad, and drank some cabernet, and watched her Hanukkah candles burn down. 

Mon. Dec. 22 – 3346 steps, but I forgot my pedometer for most of the day…duh.  Probably at least 2000, maybe 3000 more steps there…

Tues. Dec. 23 – 7080 steps – this was day for the kids’ choirs…

Wed. Dec. 24 – 8651 steps – the Eve itself with lots of running about…

Thurs. Dec. 25 – 4392 steps.  A pretty quiet day but lovely.

Fri. Dec. 26 – 7215 steps (1678 aerobic, by virtue of going to the mall and walking briskly all around it!).  Also 100 cardio reps.

Sat. Dec. 27 – 2760 steps, a tiny bit of jumping — really pretty much of a slug, I think this is the day I became a Plurker!  (Plurkie?)  courtesy of Claude!

Sun. Dec. 28 – 10880 steps – some at the mall, some around my neighborhood, but I kept stopping to take photos so no aerobic ones registered.  It felt so good to be OUT walking again!  And I heard birds in the trees.  The ice was thawing.  One day there will be spring! 

So not too bad on the whole!  I have one more week of relative grace (my helper is doing funerals while I keep the regular masses going) and then next week I become the demon planner again.  But I will not think of it now!  Happy New Year, all!  XO,  Sara



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4 responses to “Sara – whew! now a bit of R ‘n R…

  1. sablonneuse

    What a lovely week. I’m so pleased all went well musically for you, and the step count wasn’t so bad either!

  2. naomidagenbloom

    Sara, seems exercise plus leading children choirs might be yet another category for you. Happy New Year to you too!

  3. That’s a great week Sara! As I said before, you have a job that provides you with natural exercise! Wow! Children’s choirs must be something! And singing is quite a physical effort too!
    Hey, don’t blame plurk on me 😀 You seem to enjoy it as much as I do!

  4. Sara

    @Sandy – thank you!
    @Naomi – yes, leading children’s choirs can be quite aerobic! Thanks for the Happies…
    @Claude – yes, I must be a natural plurkie! 🙂 But have been too busy the last couple of days. I will plurk some later…
    Singing is quite aerobic but your general physical condition also affects your singing. My breath capacity has improved with all the walking! 🙂
    What was really good was studio teaching, where you are constantly up and down and also demonstrating. I have more computer/paper work with the choirs and less face-to-face time. But it does have its compensations! (variety…hassles…variety!)

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