Sandy- Christmas Week

Rather a mixed week – surprise surprise.

Monday – mislaid pedometer but would have had quite a good score I think.

Tuesday- 7865, including traipsing round supermarket for two hours

Wednesday – 5776

Thursday – didn’t wear it

Friday  – 4115 (invited friends to lunch so lots of sitting.

Saturday – 6489

Sunday – 5739

The scores wuld have been much worse if it weren’t for the fact that I’m looking after Nino, the little dog next door while the neighbours go to a family funeral.

After the amount of festive food we’ve all eaten our way through so far, I think the whole family needs to go on a diet in January. There’s still a feast to think up for New Year as, now that we’re living in France we can’t let the side down. It seems as though the 31st December is as big a celebration as Christmas over here



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3 responses to “Sandy- Christmas Week

  1. naomidagenbloom

    Even with that elusive pedometer, Sandy, looks as if you averaged about 5,000 steps for the week. (Subject to correction by Claude, the better figurer.)

    Must be quite challenging to have the surrounding culture determine the amount of food one consumes. Good luck with January!
    Umm, I don’t need much encouragement when it comes to eating, Naomi. I love food!!!

  2. Quite an impressive week, Sandy! As I was saying in another comment, if taking the dog out makes you walk, maybe you should consider having a dog?
    Some people I’ve heard of go to one of those animal refuges every day to walk them… That would not be my cup of tea as I am not a dog person, but it’s pretty efficient in terms of walking!

    That’s something I have thought about, Claude, but there are several reasons why it wouldn’t be a good idea.
    Firstly, there’s the cats – seven of them. I wouldn’t want to upset them and there’s also the additional cost of food and vet’s bills.
    Secondly, i’m not sure how keen I’d be to go walkies whatever the weather and I do like to have little lie-in once in a while. If you have a dog you can’t expect him to control his bladder just because you don’t feel like taking him out.
    Third: we did have a dog briefly, a collie cross and she was far too difficult for me to handle. I couldn’t take her out safely because she pulled me all over the place. Puppy training, and later an expensive course for us and the dog didn’t help. in the end she had to go back to the rescue centre and, fortunately they found her a new home with a lady who had another collie cross and lived near a beach so they could all let off steam.
    The dog-walking idea is a good one and there’s an SPA in the next village. However, I’m limited in distance and speed and not very able to walk over rough ground. I’ve seen the dog walkers going over the fields with large energetic looking dogs. I need an old, arthritic one, or a very small one. But even Nino (an elderly yorkie) can go faster than my comfort zone.

  3. Sara

    I agree with you about dogs, Sandy — nice until they want to go out and there is ice on the ground!
    I think this was quite a good week! Pat yourself on the back and have a happy new year complete with FOOD — diets await us all, except Claude!
    I am actually cutting back my food this week because am having a colonoscopy next Tuesday and I want to make use of that to get a few of these pounds off! so far it hasn’t been too hard…
    like you I love food! 🙂
    Oh, I hope the colonoscopy goes well. When i had one some years ago they put me on a strict diet for a couple of days beforehand – plus large doses of a powerful laxative – so I had no trouble shedding a few pounds. Soon put them back though. . . . .

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