Sara – 4th Sunday of Advent, my 4th candle is lit!

OK, hi all you dear depressed buddies, soon we will be through these dark days and wonder why we ever felt this way…

I am actually happy because I have only TWO more rehearsals to do before the big evening, and for a change I have NO masses to do on the day itself, which is most unusual.  AND my helper did the other funeral that happened last week.  AND I managed to vacuum three of the four rooms of my house…so I am feeling uncommonly clean, which is pleasant as one approaches the day itself. 

I’ve meant to say to those of you who are somewhat scared of the rebounder/trampoline — there is an add-on you can get, like a sort of railing, which enables you to hold on to it as you jump.  Comforting, perhaps.  I do not jump nearly as high as the picture.  You can make it actually pretty comfortably low and still manage a jump.  The nice thing is, it is easy on the knees, and you almost cannot align yourself badly and still do it.  I am noticing also that it is good for the abs, while being easier than running actually. 

So on to the step count — Mon. Dec. 15 – 5320 steps, some jumping.

Tues. Dec. 16 – 5579 steps, some jumping, 180 cardio reps.

Wed. Dec. 17 – 5197 steps, LOTS of jumping, about half of this was jumping.

Thurs. Dec. 18 – 4273 steps, some jumping, 60 cardio reps.

Fri. Dec. 19 – 9374 steps, much of this from contradancing — the dancing was not as vigorous because there were lots of new people and this slowed things down, having to teach them what to do.  also I ended up doing the man’s part in contra some of the time, and got bummed with that and sat out of several dances.  But toward the end it WAS really fun.  Our teacher emphasized that the USA stole this type of dancing from the Brits — so Claude, I think it is probably just not native to the French.  But Brits would do it, I believe.  Wish you could come here.

Sat. Dec. 20 – 7181 steps, a lot of jumping.

Sun. Dec. 21 – 7252 steps, some jumping.  I try to jump more if I have had a fairly sedentary day.  The calories tend to even out…

so on the whole I am pleased with this week, even though I will be happy to get back to the gym once Christmas is over and I have a little free time.  

Last night I felt pretty down, so I went onto Plurk and noticed that Claude is posting when she goes to bed and such things as listening to Traviata — it is nice to know that I can always check out what Claude is doing if I plurk her!  Should we all get plurky?  I’m not sure I could keep it up!  But it’s a thought.  Being “alone” at this time of year contributes to depression and being able to just check and see what others are doing helps one feel connected.  So plurking sounds kind of good to me.



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5 responses to “Sara – 4th Sunday of Advent, my 4th candle is lit!

  1. Sara

    OH and I forgot to say Happy Hanukkah, everyone, since today is the first night of Hanukkah and also winter solstice, so now the nights become shorter, yay!

  2. lilalia

    Happy Hanukkah as well to one and all.

    Sara, excellent week. Glad to hear that the trampoline is working for you. Sounds like fun.

  3. sablonneuse

    May I add Happy Hanukkah as well!
    Glad to hear you have a rest from organ playing on Christmas day. It makes a nice change, don’t you think?

  4. That was a pretty good week, Sara! Excellent jumping!
    Keep it up!
    I like plurk! Actually have some nice “friends” there. And you don’t have to “plurk” all the time either, or else you don’t get any exercise! Off for a walk.

  5. naomidagenbloom

    Sara, definitely a week to crow/sing about! Perhaps a new sort of poetry?

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