Sandy – week ending 21st Dec

Quite pleased with myself this week although I have to admit the extra walking has made my knee more ‘obvious’ if you know what i mean.

Monday  5272

Tuesday 4297

Wednesday 5541

Thursday 7241 !  (Christmas shopping)

Friday 6385

Saturday 3189

Sunday 2877

The bad news is that i’ve mislaid my pedometer. Couldn’t find it in any of the three usual places I leave it. It’s possible our youngest cat has found it and taken it off somewhere but I hope it turns up soon!

If not I’ll have to ask Santa Claus for another one for Christmas.

Hope you all enjoy the festivities and make the most of a chance to rest and indulge.



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5 responses to “Sandy – week ending 21st Dec

  1. You’d better ask Santa for a replacement. Excellent week, Sandy. Keep it up! And thanks for the encouraging message

  2. naomidagenbloom

    Very good, Sandy. Winter is such a challenge and you have set a steady pace. “Obvious” knees, what does that mean?

  3. sablonneuse

    Claude, I found the pedometer! I’d put it in a drawer out of the way of little cat’s paw and then forgotten till I was looking for something else.

    Naomi, it’s an expression I made up myself so no wonder you’re puzzled. I was trying to say that I could feel my knee because it was a bit more painful than usual after the extra walking.

  4. Control of food intake basically depends on who is concerned! I pay little attention to food intake, at least in terms of quantity, but do try to be reasonable in terms of quality. However, as I have been obsessed with food regulating all my life, this is not something I wish to empasize and hardly ever mention it on the blog.
    But some of the members who’ve given up were concerned and mentioned it here. It all depends on each of us.

  5. Sara

    Hmmm, I think I need to read that comment, I’ve missed something here!
    Anyway, glad to see you are moving right along, Sandy! I knew what you meant about the “obvious” knee — probably a good sign as long as it’s not real pain!
    glad you found the pedometer — they are such a pain to lose — I hate it when I misplace the clip which happens quite a bit…

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