Lia- Back after my hiatus

Well, no excuses any more. I’ve been following your posts in the last two weeks. I’ve been also feeling bit anxious because it is obvious that we are all feeling overtired and overwrought. Or, let’s put it this way, we sure are not at our peak. Long dark nights, grey days, false jovialness, the holiday season, the overeating… there really are so many reasons for feeling out of sorts. The question is what can we do, what company can we offer, or what wise words can we extend to each other, to lift this miasma of melancholy.

I know that we are here for exercise. But, aren’t we also here to help each other in times like these? Suggestions would be very appreciated.

The only thing that helps me is either music or poetry. So, if you feel that it is at all appropriate, I’d like to publish a bit of both. I don’t want to do it though without your approval, since this was not actually what the original intent was.

As for my (bi-monthly) weekly report, overall not so bad… in the last two weeks I’ve swung like Jane between the sublime (one day in Berlin 17,000 steps and counting! Gosh, was I pooped) and the seriously stagnate (a few days of not moving out of the apartment or away from my computer).

It seems to me that we have to find some way to keep each other on track. And suggestions?

P.S. Promise to do more commenting. Things should go slower in the next weeks.

P.P.S. I’ve joined a fitness studio. Don’t really like those things, but my husband is in dire need of getting out of the house and getting more physically active. He’s younger than I am and yet to hear him complain about hips and knees and whatnot, you’d think he was an old man. So, off we go… for a year, if this doesn’t work, we’ll have to try something else next year.



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8 responses to “Lia- Back after my hiatus

  1. Please feel free to post anything in the shape of poetry or whatever! Anything that can cheer us up and help us go! 😉 Sorry for sounding so glum in my post but it’s all the wrong time for me. Maybe I should take a week off the blog…
    Thanks for the helping hand!

  2. lilalia

    Claude, It’s not so much your tone alone, but my mood being in sync with your mood. It’s hard to be grumpy at this time of year. It’s as if we are failing in some sort of manner.

    I’d love to post some poetry and music. If nothing either as a distraction, “look up at the sky” sort of thing.

  3. there cannot be enough poetry and music in the world. i say bring it on!

  4. Sara

    yes, poetry and music, great idea! I have to admit that my occupation tends to keep me from getting too depressed since I am always doing something with music.
    I have another idea, how about recipes? I have been making some very simple goodies to give away — also using some simple prepared foods to indulge myself — has anyone ever heard of No-Pudge Fudge? Weeeeeell, I can tell about it! 🙂 Maybe in a separate post if all so desire…

  5. sablonneuse

    Yes, I’m all for poetry and music too. It may be the grey skies but I think we’ve all been a bit ‘under the weather’ recently and any idea to cheer us up is welcome.

  6. Not sure about recipes, we’ll have to ask Naomi what she thinks. Some of us trying to refrain on food, so..

  7. naomidagenbloom

    Poetry and music sound as if they might work as a distraction from the gray cloud that seems to be hanging over the world. In other words, think it’s not just ourselves. How about alternating one of these with your exercise adventures in the fitness studio.

    Recipes, unless they are specifically geared to our goals here, do not resonate for me. Control of food intake was a focus in ElderExercise at the beginning and it seems to have lost its stature as we’ve gone along.

  8. Sara

    Ok by me, just a fleeting concept…I am still trying to watch my food intake, and have succeeded to the extent that I have not gained a lot of weight over the holidays. also have not lost. oh well…

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