Claude – worst week ever

At least ever since I started recording my steps and exercice. Between the cold weather of the beginning of last week, some winter depression, –’tis the season, a season that is my least favourite, just hate having to be jolly and merry–, and feeling generally tired, I hardly did anything this week.

So here goes
Sun. Dec. 14 Stayed at home
Mon. Dec. 15, did the same.
Tue. Dec. 16, 4,500 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais class. Good thing I had a class that day, or it would have been the same as Sunday and Monday
Wed. Dec. 17, had a lunch appointment with someone who gave me late warning that he couldn’t make it. I was already there. Another good thing, because given the rain and fog of that day, I would probably have been a Wednesday couch potatoe. But there I was, so totally demotivated that I had even forgotten my pedometer at home. I retraced my steps on Google Maps later on and figured out that I had walked over 6.5kms, probably some 13,000 steps.
Thu. Dec. 18, stayed at home, not doing much
Fri. Dec. 19, did some Christmas shopping (hate Christmas shopping) and walked 7,500 steps.
Sat. Dec. 20, had a two hour Feldenkrass workshop in the afternoon, and between running errands and going to the class and back, walked some 10,000 steps.

Frankly, I am also wondering if this blog is worth going on with, since on the average week, there are about three of us visiting or posting. It maybe my lousy mood but I sometimes feel that keeping count of my steps on my google calendar would be just the same.



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8 responses to “Claude – worst week ever

  1. Sara

    I am sorry you’re depressed, Claude. I had a little bout with holiday depression last night too. Mostly I just ignore the happy happy stuff — what gets me is the overwork, but now things are getting done and I can see some free time coming!
    I HOPE it is just your lousy mood, since this blog has really motivated me to keep pumping out those steps. Journals have failed to do it in the past…sooner or later I just let the journal go, and then before you know it, I have let the discipline go as well.
    I also enjoy hearing about others’ difficulties and successes! It helps put one’s own in perspective. In short, I think I need you all!
    so on that note (no merries here) I am sending you all my very best wishes and prayers…
    Love, Sara

  2. lilalia

    Claude, I agree so much with Sara’s sentiments that I do need you guys. I hope that you realise what a great help your efforts here have been to me.

    Can well empathise with your Scroogeness. Feel the same way, if it wasn’t for the fact of my 13 year old daughter, I really would be tempted just to skip the whole production, as I did for many years when I was single.

    All the best. Chin up. The British so have it right with this expression. It’s hard to be blue when you are up tight and have your chin sticking upright.

  3. @Sara, good to hear that this is doing something good for you. Thanks for the encouragements and being here. I’m going throught the photos I took when you were around (at long last… I haven’t been doing much with my photos lately)
    @lilalia, thanks. December and January are always a difficult time for me. I’ll get around, no doubt…

  4. the blog is really helping me ~ please don’t shut it down! i too get very blue this time of year. i usually feel inadequate because i don’t have anything remotely like a Norman Rockwell holiday. but i have great hopes for 2009; and this year was actually very blessed for me. at the risk of sounding new age-y, i find that counting my blessings helps a lot.

  5. Sara

    Hi, Claude, it’s my pleasure! I have a long overdue note to write you — I found a mention of one of the door knockers we found in a book I read about the Marais. I too have neglected my photos although I’ve been enjoying looking at other people’s and reading some very crazy murder mysteries set in Paris. See Words Can Be Music on, everyone…
    NOBODY has Norman Rockwell holidays!!! so we can relax and enjoy Woody Allen holidays… ❓
    (I did that just so I could see the emoticon…)

  6. sablonneuse

    Oh dear, Claude. please don’t feel depressed about the blog. It’s the only thing that motivates me even though I’m one of those who has been a bit remiss of late. It’s a great idea but I think most of us a bit worn down and tired at this time of year. I think once the end of year festivities are over we might all start afresh in the New Year.

  7. naomidagenbloom

    Claude, for a while I’d been wondering if something was not quite right for you. Did not want to send an email, felt too nudgy.

    Writing this as internet connection in Portland, Oregon, goes in and out, so this may be partial comment to be added to later.

    This may be my own least favorite time of year–matched only by Easter when I feel particularly uncomfortable as a Jew. Last night we were talking with our daughter who lives here about how mellow this time of year was when we were children.

    Christmas was celebrated in public school with some singing of carols. I enoyed joining friends to do carolling. I grew up in a very secular family and at a time when there was no emphasis on a “comparable” Jewish holiday–which is inaccurate anyway.

    So much of my own discomfort at this time of year comes from cultural messages in the “should” category.

    That’s enough of that. About Elderexercise, I do wish that each of us would consider a New Year’s resolution to entice one more member into our circle. It works for me, sounds as if it has value for others here, and I’d like to see it continue.

  8. Sara

    Good idea, Naomi — I will work on that for the new year!

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