Sara – it’s cold – I don’t even want to move –

Weeeell, this week began last Sunday, the day I forgot to wear my pedometer!  🙂  So let’s pick up with Monday…

Mon. Dec. 1 – 10630 steps (3665 aerobic) – I went to the gym. 

Tues. Dec. 2 – 9201 steps (4569 aerobic) – ditto

Wed. Dec. 3 – 5131 steps – a very busy day – I got out my little trampoline that lives in the closet and jumped on it to bring up my step count this far.  Doing at most 120 jumps at one time…several different sets, I didn’t count really…

Thurs. Dec. 4 – 3683 steps.  No trampoline.  No gym.  Oh well…

Fri. Dec. 5 – 5278 steps, again I did the trampoline…and this was my lowest weight day…

Sat. Dec. 6 – 4906 steps, some trampoline, weight back up a bit…

Sun. Dec. 7 – 5006 steps, again by virtue of trampoline.  This week I have been tired a lot…probably due to not really having a whole day off…many funerals happening in addition to my usual schedule, and also taking groups caroling, which is fun but does take energy.  This week promises more of the same.  I am determined NOT to beat myself up about it.  I will get back to the gym…just don’t know when…but have just been pampering myself when I did not have to work.  Have a happy week, all, even if you give in to sedentary pleasures a bit…  🙂

And here’s a picture of the trampoline (actually  it’s called a rebounder):








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7 responses to “Sara – it’s cold – I don’t even want to move –

  1. How nice that you’ve started your trampoline again. That must be good exercise. I wish you posted of photo of it. I can’t really imagine what it looks like. Do you live in a flat? I wonder how my downstairs neighbours would like it if I did that.
    Wouldn’t the steps due to the trampoline be more calorie consuming than the usual steps?

  2. Sara

    Hi, Claude, I will try to add a photo. Here is the link to the site where I bought mine.
    Don’t buy a cheap one — I used to own one of those and did not really feel safe on it. This one folds and unfolds, but I don’t really use that feature, I’m too lazy, I just shove it back in the closet when done! 🙂
    Not sure about the calorie consumption — but I do think it keeps my leg muscles more in trim.
    I live in a townhouse that is built on a slab, so I don’t have the neighbor issue — but if you put it on a rug, I don’t think that they would hear it! Mine does squeak a little, I probably should oil it…

  3. naomidagenbloom

    Much admiration on trampoline exercise! And the illustrations are stunning, Sara. Do I hear Claude considering this?

    Sounds as if the holidays are particularly challenging in your worklife. Happy to hear you giving self a break because I think you’re doing very well with more regular exercise than when you started here.

  4. @ Naomi, I don’t think I need stuff for my legs. The walking does it. What I would like is find new things that would make me exercise with fun. I asked Sara about contradancing as it sounds fun and tiring (just what I need), but I have been researching this in Paris, and there doesn’t seem to be any possibilities.

  5. sablonneuse

    You are brave to go on a trampoline. They had them at the gym I used to go to years ago and I was terrified of it.

  6. i would love to get a trampoline. will put that idea on the backburner… meanwhile i’d also like to try wii exercises. does anyone have wii and if so, what do you think?

    speaking of interesting and fun exercise, during the summer i did an African Dance Workshop and that was wonderful; i’d love to find a class i could go too here in NYC. talk about a workout!

  7. Sara

    Oh I think African dance would be great fun. I also enjoy bellydancing but have not been able to go since the summer. Also my great belly teacher moved to Philadelphia…
    Claude has wii, and does wii fit — search and I’m sure her posts on that will pop up! 🙂

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