Naomi – Nov 24-Dec 7, Catch Up

Began to see Physical Therapist on November 20.  What’s the deal with my painful shoulder–knitting, typing, angst?  Stretch bands (when infrequently used) caused more pain;  spouse urged me to see person he’d visited post knee surgery.  Had doctor referral that would take me to any PT of my choice…thank you, Medicare which everyone in U.S. should have.  Excercises  focused on shoulder–and how I align myself.  Had stopped knitting; yesterday began again, why not be like others and knit through pain.   If I could sleep standing up that would probably solve much of this but it’s clear that osteoarthritis probably in my future.

Nov 24- 6,083 steps…Nov 25- 4,530 steps…Nov 26 – 1,952 steps (standing while cooking satisfying but not step-worthy)

Nov 27 – 5,228 steps, Aerobic 1,756 result of 15 mins on treadmill [adapted Sara’s suggestion via “Prevention” for better workout/shorter time]

Nov 28 – 969 steps…Nov 29 – 5,152 steps…Nov 30 – 2,246.  [Cold weather lows need new ideas]

Dec. 1 – 8,711 steps, Aerobic 2,167…Dec. 2 – 7,862 steps…Dec 3 -3,453 steps…Dec 4 – 6,508 steps…Dec 5 – 5,877 steps…Dec 6 -2,504 steps

Dec. 8 – 4,104 steps [28 degrees outside, but if those farm folks can do it for local Greenmarket, why not me?]

Pretty good, I say to myself…and I’m knitting again. seems okay!



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4 responses to “Naomi – Nov 24-Dec 7, Catch Up

  1. Sorry to hear about the pain, Naomi. Pain makes it pretty difficult to focus on anything else.
    Hopefully, the physiotherapist will be of help. I think that considering the pain, you’ve been pretty efficient. Keep it up, even while you are away.
    Have a nice time with your children and grand-children!

  2. Sara

    Looks pretty good to me, Naomi! Too bad about the shoulder pain…did I ever mention Alexander technique to you? I think of it whenever alignment is mentioned because doing it consistently for about a year changed the way I align my body habitually…and I think it has saved me a lot of grief. Considering all this, you have done quite well!

  3. sablonneuse

    Sorry to hear you are still in pain. Are you sure you should be knitting so much? Sitting in a ‘knitting position’ probably isn’t ideal for your back and shoulder. I don’t like the sound od ‘knitting through the pain’. Please be careful.

  4. Naomi please take care of yourself and let me know when you’re back so we can do some walking! I know this doesn’t cure anything but I love white tiger balm, it really feels wonderful when I rub it into my right arm (which has been bothering me since summertime – much better now though). I heartily recommend it.

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