Holly – November 30 to December 6

After forgetting to bring the pedometer with me for a few days,  I overcompensated this week and have been wearing it even while walking around my apt. this week. Here’s my weekly activity:

Sunday Nov. 30 – 4,341 steps

Monday Dec. 1 – 6,126 steps

Tues. Dec. 2 – 5,233 steps

Wed. Dec. 3 – 3,552 steps

Thurs. Dec. 4 – 4,518 steps

Fri.  Dec. 5 – 5,857 steps

Sat. Dec. 6 – 46 steps … but also yoga for 2 hours



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4 responses to “Holly – November 30 to December 6

  1. Sara

    Wearing it around the apartment is a GREAT thing to do! After all, those are steps! Good job, Holly!

  2. naomidagenbloom

    Definitely need to wear pedometer indoors…think I’ll never again buy nightgowns sans pockets! Very regular step count, Holly!

  3. How did I forget to comment? 😉
    Pretty regular walking. Good job.
    Hope you won’t forget to wear your pedometer this week.

  4. sablonneuse

    If I didn’t wear my pedometer round the house my score would be almost zero!

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