Claude – better this week

I guess that you are going to find out soon, when you write your weekly post! Yes, I did say weekly 😀 as some of us haven’t complied for some time (hint! hint!)
WordPress has graced us with a new dashboard. As per usuall it takes some getting used to, but everything is in the page, if changed… And I like the looks.

Quite a bit of walking although only one bout of brisk walking. In spite of weather

Reflections in a puddle

Yes, lots of puddles around!

Sun. Nov 30 : 6,000 steps. Found it hard to get out…
Mon. Dec.1: 6,000 steps only although I came back totally battered. Went shopping at IKEA with my daughter. There’s nothing more tiring than that!
Tue. Dec. 2 : 10,594 steps. Felt like I was back into action 😉
Wed. Dec. 3 : 11,141 steps
Thu. Dec. 4 : one-hour Feldenkrais session, 8,800 steps
Fri. Dec. 5 : One hour stretching exercise, 11,000 steps, 2 X 26mn brisk walking. I was quite please with that!

Have a lovely week ! Don’t forget to post your progress and comment on other members’



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4 responses to “Claude – better this week

  1. Sara

    and a great week, Claude! Yes, shopping is the most exhausting thing, even though I kind of like Ikea…

  2. naomidagenbloom

    You remind me…need to visit Ikea. It’s always a treat there now that shopping only involves frozen Swedish meatballs and a lamp replacement.

    Yes, it’s a challenge to go outside when it’s cold. Have to think of more reasons beyond exercise…love your photo, that’s a reason!

  3. sablonneuse

    My son and daughter went to Ikea this week. Pity I couldn’t go too.
    Glad to see that you are keeping up the good work when people like me are slacking.
    Apologies for not posting. When I finally got around to it I couldn’t get the hang of the new format. How do you see the words underneath the windows on the right?

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