Sara – An exciting and amazing week!

YAY,  a new President!  And we survived the process too, which is equally amazing!  I’ve also amazed myself with step totals (except for Thursday which was my crash day) and have to credit returning to the gym.  It is not FUN, necessarily, but I do feel so virtuous and actually very energized afterward.  I will describe my gym routine after reporting step stuff:

Sunday Nov. 2 – well, this was a bit of a crash day too – 4321 steps, 120 cardio reps.

Monday Nov. 3 – 10,627 steps (3786 aerobic).  240 cardio reps.  Gym – 15 minutes on treadmill and another 15 on elliptical.  I have found that I can put the treadmill easily on an incline of 2.5 to 3.5 — must be the result of those hills that I do on my neighborhood walks!

Tuesday Nov. 4 – 12,221 steps (6352 aerobic).  No gym.  Watched returns with the aid of some wine!

Wed. Nov. 5 – 11,657 steps (4843 aerobic).  Gym – 20 min. treadmill, 18 min. elliptical.

Thurs. Nov. 6 – 2806 steps, none aerobic.  Oh well!  100 cardioglide reps, see below.

Fri. Nov. 7 – 10,490 steps (7264 aerobic).  I think these steps were from walking to the grocery store. 

Sat. Nov. 8 – 10,187 steps (6837 aerobic).  Walked to the bank. 

Sun. Nov. 9 – 10,639 steps (6082 aerobic).  Gym – 24 min. treadmill, 22 on elliptical. 

WOW, I am feeling very good about this.  If I can stay close to this through the winter, I will be quite happy!  Now for the gym routine — I used to avoid the treadmill but now I kind of like it as a warmup.  You can plug in your ipod earphones to the TV if you want, but I just listen to my music and use the TV as a dopey visual for distraction.  I’m gradually working up times here but actually am pretty pleased with being able to do a total of 40-45 minutes, combining the two machines.  The elliptical is more intense for leg & glute muscles but it is nice to observe that I’m stronger after a summer of consistent walking, thanks to Elder Exercise!  When I finish these two, I cool down with some floor stretches, situps, and some arm work with free weights.  This takes about 15 minutes and feels really good after the machines.  There is a nice women’s workout room at my gym which has plants and a pleasant lavender color on the walls and it is not usually too crowded.  

It seems that my body is beginning to WANT its exercise.  When I tried to go to sleep on Thursday night I could not get there until I got up and did 100 reps on the cardioglide — which worked my muscles enough to help me drop right off.   Interesting!  So I must say my gym experience is paying off so far!   Happy walking, everyone, and thanks for all your good wishes for our President.  Let’s pray that he will be kept SAFE from those who would wish him harm.  That is my only concern at this point, really.  🙂 s from the USA!



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5 responses to “Sara – An exciting and amazing week!

  1. sablonneuse

    That sounds like a very satisfactory week on all fronts! I’m impressed with your gym routine; you must be very fit to manage all that. Bravo!

  2. Claude

    Wow! What a great week. I know what you mean about your body WANTING its exercise. One day off feels wonderful, but then, the next day, I want to move. Incidentally, ever since I started on the almonds and yoghurt programme, I’ve lost 2 pounds. I have my almonds in the morning, though and don’t nibble. Have them with my anticholesterol yoghurt, which happens to be delicious!
    I wish I had a treadmill around for rainy days, maybe it’s less boring than biking…

  3. fantastic – good for you!

  4. Sara

    Thanks, everyone!
    Claude, I’ve been thinking about those almonds…maybe I will try them! In the morning could work. 🙂
    What is your anticholesterol yogurt? I’ve decided to try making organic yogurt from Wegman’s my bedtime snack. I just have to have a bedtime snack, but if I drink alcohol then, it just retains water.
    I do find biking quite boring. I like the treadmill and the elliptical better, since I have a feeling of working the whole body including the core muscles. Somehow with biking it’s just legs legs legs. Not fun to me.
    I used a different elliptical machine tonight that had arm levers and was much harder to work. It wore me out in 3 minutes! I think I will try working up gradually on this one but still doing my usual on the other one, on which I can go much faster.

  5. My yoghurt is called Danacol. It is sold at supermarket and has been suggested by my doctor. I assume he knows what he is doing…

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