Naomi – Oct 28 – Nov 6…consistency eludes

Window dressers, Bergdorf Goodman Fifth Avenue

Window dressers, Bergdorf Goodman Fifth Avenue

Oct. 28 – 2,957 steps (mostly in rain within my apartment comples) and 1,022 aerobic.  Go figure.

Oct. 29 – 7,535 steps and 1,758 aerobic…Metropolitan Museum.  (I hear you, Claude.) Picture related.

Oct. 30 – 2,262 steps (some with pedometer in purse)

Oct. 31 – 3,501 steps, more dentist though the easier part

Nov.  2 – 4,906 steps, time change/changing Pedometer successfully–big deal for me.

Nov. 3 –  4,643 steps…Nov. 4 – 5,049 steps (surprise considering how long sitting to watch election)

Nov. 5 – 6,876 steps

Nov. 6 -8,934 steps and 4,343 aerobic – with local walking group (really makes a difference).



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4 responses to “Naomi – Oct 28 – Nov 6…consistency eludes

  1. Naomi, I wish I could take another trip to the US and go to the Metropolitan Museum with you and our pedometers 😉 Wouldn’t that be fun
    Well, if I look at your steps, I think it’s a good average of more than 5,000 steps a day.
    Don’t you think this is good? Especially in a week when it was difficult to move away from one’s TV screen?
    Go, lady, go!
    And yeah for the local walking group!

  2. sablonneuse

    Yes, a walking group is a lovely idea – you don’t notice the miles so much. I’m hoping one of these days to do some long walks again. Meanwhile I’ll enjoy reading about yours.

  3. Sara

    I agree, Claude, it looked pretty consistent to me — it’s always good to think of averaging! As for aerobic steps — I find that rain and cold practically pushes one into briskness, like it or not! Now I say this from the comfort of my couch, but I did test it a bit in the last couple of weeks… 😉
    Claude, if you come, I will take the train to NY and do the Met with you and Naomi! That would be great fun. Last time I was in NY I went to the Cloisters — have not been to the Met in over 20 years!

  4. naomidagenbloom

    Sara & Claude–Going to the Met with our pedometers. Sounds like a performance piece and a perfect place for it. Let me know when you’re ready!

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