ElderExercise brainstorming – winter is coming

Let’s see if we can find ideas to beat winter, cold, snowy, rainy days. Just comment and I’ll get a page or a post getting all our ideas together.

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5 responses to “ElderExercise brainstorming – winter is coming

  1. I’ll start!
    I think that although it is tiring, it’s a good idea to go and walk in shopping centres, malls and such. You have galleries where you can walk and it makes for a lot of steps.

    I was also thinking that it might be a good idea for stuff that you would like to start, besides walking, it might be a good idea to find a friend and do whatever you’d like to do together. I try to have a friend over to play on the Wii, have also done it with my daughter. It beats sitting on my couch anyway.
    Your turn, ladies

  2. lilalia

    On the one hand, I imagine we have to accept the inevitable about winter making exercise more difficult, but we do not have to lie back and think of England, do we? Maybe we can bring in some other factors to our weekly reports, or a point system: going out walking in bad weather (10 points), made the effort to go over to a mall (5 points), 5 minutes of walking up and down stairs in your home or apartment building (5 points), walked to the store instead of taking the bus or driving the car (10 points). Even if it isn’t exercise, but just extra effort, maybe we could award ourselves in some way.

    The other thing we could do is write about aspects we introduce into our lives that might not be measurable exercise, but add a positive element to our health and well-being. We could each endeavor to write about some outing, or soup recipe, or cultural or spiritual event, that picks up our spirits and makes us happy.

    I think that winter is really really difficult to keep up physically. I’ve never been able to walk as or swim as much in winter as I do in summer. But, I often forget about the necessity to do things that make me happy. Getting through winter in good spirits has to count, don’t you think?

  3. Sara

    Oh, I like those ideas, Lia! Physical and mental are so connected. Stuff I am already doing but am vowing to do more of — the cardioglide (helps to put on the radio when I am doing this), the indoor trampoline, just moving my body whenever I think about it, and braving the cold sometimes, even when I don’t want to. Funny how often I will enjoy the cold air, but when still inside the house, I dread it…
    Today we are blessed with sun so it is easy to form these notions! But it IS cold. 30 F. when I got up…

  4. naomidagenbloom

    Intriguing ideas from Lia especially ones about other aspects of our lives we might write about that move us through the cold weather. Doing this could help us to visit ElderExercise more often–which in itself would be a reminder to MOVE!

    Trying to think about this since Claude posted, my thoughts go to how easy it is to eat more in winter while also exercising less. I suppose it’s the hibernation effect.

    Perhaps looking more closely at the calorie count on the pedometer could be useful. Though I’ve been dutifully recording it, have not known how to relate to it. Suggestions, welcome.

  5. one thing it is good to remember is that you lose more weight walking when it’s cold out because your body expends so much energy trying to keep warm.

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