Naomi – Oct. 21 – 27…a middling course

Oct. 21 – 6,032 steps

Oct. 22 – 5,017 steps

Oct. 23 – 2,637 steps

Oct. 24 – 4,074 steps

Oct. 25 – 3,709 steps, 2,689 aerobic. Treadmill 15 mins., 2.5/1.5

Oct. 26 – 5,187 steps

Oct. 27 – 5,499 steps

Seem stuck at zero about doing new exercises.  See my blog, for 10/28/08 for a bit more detail.  Also mentioned this in comment to Sara.  sigh.

Holly asked me to let you know that her work was over-the-top before she left for a week in Mexico–and she will be reporting in on her return.



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4 responses to “Naomi – Oct. 21 – 27…a middling course

  1. Was wondering if you are wearing the pedometer when on the treadmill…
    Don’t worry about new exercise, Naomi, walking is supposed to be the best exercise of all. It’s good for everything, there is not one doctor who won’t agree. Let me ask a silly question: what’s 2.5/1.5, you mentioned with the treadmill?
    I think you are pretty regular, and that you should keep going. You are so good at telling us all not to be too demanding on ourselves. Try to be as kind to yourself 🙂

  2. naomidagenbloom

    Claude, definitely have the pedometer on when treadmilling. Discovered that’s the easiest way to get aerobic steps! To explain: 2.5 is the setting I chose for miles per hour and 1.5 is the incline. It’s as if I’m walking briskly, slightly uphill.

    Part of my issue with the new exercises is that I know they would be useful for me, especially in the cold weather when walking is less inviting. And it would be satisfying to develop an everyday, on-my-own practice.

  3. It’s true that it’s difficult for me to imagine days when you can’t get out. Because if we have a couple of snowy days a year, that’s all.
    We definitely have to figure out ways of exercising other than walking in the street.

  4. Sara

    Naomi, good job! When the weather gets messy and/or cold, all I really want to do is curl up with a book or with the computer. It’s sometimes a struggle to do the work I have to do, never mind doing extra indoor exercise! BUT I don’t want to get fat and weak again so will have to get motivated here. I try to practice what I preach but not easy for me either… 🙂 keep trying!

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