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Oh, dear ElderExercisers please forgive the two weeks silence. I’ve been visiting family in Canada. We spent sometime in Montreal and Toronto. My walking schedule was fine; I managed to do between 5,000 and 8,000 steps every day, and most were above 7,000 steps. Many days, with the help of my sister’s and her partner’s two dogs need to run in the woods, I managed over 7,000 steps. Feeling quite good about this, since many past visits were spent talking and eating.

Now I am back to work and trying the best I can to keep up the walking between 5-10 thousands. Wish me luck.



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5 responses to “Lia – Clean Slate

  1. naomidagenbloom


    beautful leaves…thanks! your steps are impressive; many good wishes on your future walking goals.

  2. Travelers are always forgiven 🙂
    Great photo! And great step count. Good to have you back

  3. lilalia

    Naomi, the colour landscape of leaves was beyond belief. We arrived at the fullest of its beauty.

    Claude, I meant to check in during the travels, but that turned out to be impossible. Glad to know it isn’t expected.

  4. Sara

    Oh what a wonderful time you must have had! Those leaves are terrific and walking in the woods must have been great too. Dogs are great encouragers…

  5. sablonneuse

    What wonderful Autumn colours. Outings with dogs are a great way to exercise. Sounds like you had fun.

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