Naomi – Oct. 13 – 20 Change is hard…

Disappointing week with less consistent step accumulation.  Only have recorded 5,000 or above.  Also had to face how difficult it is for me to do home-based exercise and any other than walking.

Oct. 13 – 5,353 steps 1,127 aerobic.

Oct. 16 – 8,329 steps

Oct. 17 – Weight dropped to 139 pounds…forgot pedometer.

Oct. 18 – Two hours in dentist’s chair

Oct. 19 – 5,094 steps

Oct. 20 – 5,105 steps.  Tried following what Sara explained about aerobic steps but did not happen.  Will try another time.  20 minutes with stretch bands.



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3 responses to “Naomi – Oct. 13 – 20 Change is hard…

  1. Hey there! I was away for a couple of days so didn’t get my mail or anything…
    You would have loved that step count a few months ago… Tends to prove your progress, doesn’t it?
    20mn with stretch bands! I AM impressed.
    Sorry to hear about the two hours in the dentist’s chair. There’s almost nothing in the world I hate as much as dentists, except perhaps… beetroot 😉
    Shall I remind you one of your mottos? Don’t be too hard on yourself Naomi 🙂

  2. Sara

    Oh but your weight dropped to 139! How exciting! I would love to see even in the low 140s…
    “only” 5000 or above doesn’t sound so bad to me, especially with the weather changing! and the dentist, groan.
    yes, don’t be too hard on yourself!
    from the reforming perfectionist
    Sara 🙂

  3. sablonneuse

    Two hours in the dentist’s chair? Poor you – how ever did you put up with it so long? Though I suppose once there you don’t have much choice do you.

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