Sara: It’s getting colder here…

Hi, everyone, we have had some near-freezing temperatures overnight during the last week, then some lovely Indian summer.  Work continues to be rather continuous but I was fortunate to be able to have two days off in a row, today and yesterday, so I feel somewhat restored. 

Fri. Oct. 10 – 10,707 steps (6749 aerobic), 265 calories, 3.71 miles.  I was carrying groceries so was walking more slowly for half of those aerobic steps…you will see the relevance in a moment…

Sat. Oct. 11 – 9447 steps (1875 aerobic), 264 calories, 3.27 miles.  This was not very many aerobic steps, but they were fast ones, and the calorie burn was nearly the same.  Very interesting.  BRISK walking seems a key to calorie burn.  I conclude that if I have had a somewhat sluggy day, I can still redeem it somewhat by getting out and doing 10-15 minutes of BRISK walking.  YES! 

Sun. Oct. 12 – 6159 steps, 133 calories, 2.13 miles, 200 reps on the cardioglide.  I did a lot of digging this day, since I had to divide and transplant a peony.  Whoof, they have lots of very tough entwined roots!  I needed help to even hold the thing down so as to pull it apart with a digging fork…

Mon. Oct. 13 – 5776 steps (2421 aerobic), 127 calories, 2 miles.

Tues. Oct. 14 – I forgot to wear my pedometer, I was so busy, it was the day for my kids’ choirs.  1384 steps, after I remembered to put it on! 200 reps on cardioglide.

Wed. Oct. 15 – 9353 steps (5243 aerobic), 224 calories, 3.24 miles.  240 reps cardioglide.

Thurs. Oct. 16 – 4452 steps (1896 aerobic), 97 calories, 1.54 miles.  250 cardioglide.

Fri. Oct. 17 – Contradancing!  10,772 steps (991 aerobic, which must have been that one dance that wore everyone out completely!), 274 calories, 3.74 miles, cardio 120 reps.  But I used up those calories right away by eating yummy cookies with icing on them… 😦

Sat.  Oct. 18 – 11,930 steps (8129 aerobic), 284 calories, 4.14 miles.  Cardio 140.  I shopped at several places that I usually drive to, and tried walking instead.  Weekends are the best time for me to do this. 

Contradance weekends always give me a lift for walking and everything else!  I am also happy that despite those cookies, my weight came up at 146.5 this morning.  And I am pleased that I’ve been able to do the cardioglide thing more regularly, I think it does help.

Happy walking, everyone!  It’s great to see Sandy back walking again and nice to be hearing more from Holly!



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6 responses to “Sara: It’s getting colder here…

  1. sablonneuse

    I’m wondering what contradancing is. It certainly sounds energetic and you deserved those cookies!

  2. Impressive step count! This contradancing sounds like excellent exercise too. Congratulations on a great week.
    Happy walking to you too!

  3. naomidagenbloom

    Good step counts! You seem to have the aerobic thing understood.

    Glad the cookies did not undermine all this focused effort–and contradancing too. Been thinking how cooler weather can mean more indoor time yet there you are cardiogliding away.

  4. Sara

    Maybe I will manage to get some pictures on this weekend, per Claude’s instructions.
    Contradancing is descended from “country dancing” in the British Isles – as it was imported to the eastern US in the 17th and 18th centuries. It’s mostly done to Appalachian folk music. One dances in sets of four or long lines, depending on the dance – you have a partner but also often dance with your corner or your neighbor. Similar to square dancing but an earlier form really. The dances are called, so everyone learns the dance together before dancing it. There are only a few repetitive figures, so mostly you just listen and do what you are told. No fancy footwork really. But it’s great aerobic exercise and lots of fun.
    Very nice for singles in that you are not supposed to dance with the same person twice, you are supposed to circulate.
    There are lots of groups that do this on the east coast – probably the west coast too – and there are workshops around the country as well. I will google and see if I can find a helpful link for those of you who want to know more!

  5. Sara

    Here’s a link to a youtube video of contra dancing — there are many videos there!

    This one seemed pretty typical of the informal dances we have here in State College!

  6. OK, Sara, hope you don’t mind. I’m going to post that contradance on your post. I’ll do a page on how to do this yourself (real easy)

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