Claude – a bit under the weather this week

Saturday Oct 9 went to a 2-hour Feldenkrais workshop, 2,700 steps (getting there and back)
Sunday Oct 10, didn’t feel really well. Have been suffering from diarrhea lately and this doesn’t help me at all with exercising 😦 3,000 steps, just went to the market and back.
Monday Oct 11, no swimming-pool but I did walk 10,000 steps
Tuesday Oct 12, 9,000 steps (4500 aerobic steps) 1-hour Feldenkrais session
Wednesday Oct, 12,474 steps, 13, 35mn brisk walking
Thursday Oct 13, really felt like I needed rest, so took it. Stayed at home all day and didn’t even get dressed.
Friday Oct 14, 1-hour stretching session, 10,500 steps (1,600 aerobic steps)

Last week, I felt great so I did so good exercise. This week was more difficult. But it was also a week when I went to an opera one evening and to a play the next evening. Exercise was alright on those two days, but the day after, I was just tired and needed rest.
Of course, this week I haven’t achieved my goal of at least three brisk exercise sessions. But on the positive side, I am trying to learn is to listen to my body.



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4 responses to “Claude – a bit under the weather this week

  1. naomidagenbloom

    For an up/down week, your overall effort looks good, Claude. Listening to our bodies is an especial challenge for us 60-plus activists! The head is full of energetic notions, but the body…

    Also, when I have a very active day, it’s often followed by my body’s wish for “recovery” on the next one. And serious disruption like disarrhea really knocks one out.

    Perhaps we each need a personal “Activity” scale to record highs/middles/lows over a week/month to see if there’s a pattern that reveals something useful.

  2. Sara

    Ugh, diarrhea would throw anyone off track…hope it will disappear soon. But you still kept going — the steps look good to me! (and I loved the photos from Theatre des Champs-Elysees — was that the Verdi opera?)
    My own personal activity certainly ebbs and flows, so rather than try to even it out, I’m now thinking, take advantage of the highs and let the lows happen. They do seem to be part of the whole process of exertion and recovery.

  3. sablonneuse

    A tummy upset is bound to play havoc with your exercise routine. At least, I hope you were able to sit through the opera and play without having to run to the loo – but you can’t maintain your usual levels of physical activity when you under the weather. Hope you soon get back to your normal active self but don’t try to rush it.

  4. Thanks ladies. Went for a short middle of the week weekend away to visit with a friend. Good food, good company and some walking 😉

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