Sandy – 9th to 15th October

I hesitate to record my scores after reading previous posts but there is a slight improvement on last week.

Thursday: 4665  including a walk round town.

Friday: 4605    and some gardening

Saturday:  1920  (sore muscles!)

Sunday:  2315

Monday: 2565

Tuesday: 1951

Wednesday: 2658

The reduction in steps later in the week is due to the fact that the knee seemed a bit creaky and I had to revert to wearing the support. However, I have been up and downstairs more than usual. Going up is much easier but coming down is still a bit insecure.

The only exercises I do are the gentle ones the doctor gave me to strengthen leg muscles. At present I think biking may be optimistic because of the creaking but there is definite improvement in getting about.



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5 responses to “Sandy – 9th to 15th October

  1. Sandy, good for you. We are not comparing what we do here. Each of us just tries to do her best and to improve her own performances, not to compare them with other people’s.
    So I see that you are improving.
    Being gentle on oneself should be our primary concern! So don’t forget that.
    Way to go!!!

  2. sablonneuse

    Thanks Claude. After so long being inactive I know it’s going to take time.

  3. naomidagenbloom

    You’re really moving along, Sandy. Important sign of your renewed intention that you’ve begun to record steps–perhaps for the first time?

    Be careful about the knee. Spouse had arthoscopic surgery for that a few months ago and recovery is slower than one might expect. And he was a racquetball player (no longer). Downstairs is biggest challenge for everyone with knee issues it seems, so bike seems not so good for right now.

    Have you been to physical therapist?

  4. Sara

    Oh, Sandy, VERY good. To be back consistently recording steps is fantastic, and you really do need to be careful at this stage, and as Claude says, listen to your body. Or knees…
    Great to see you back! 🙂

  5. sablonneuse

    Naomi, I didn’t have surgery – just three injections, which have helped although it’s not totally secure. I’m not sure whether a physical therapist is the same as a physiotherapist, in which case, I have had some sessions of massage and electrical treatment but it didn’t seem to do much good.

    Sara, indeed , I’ve learned my lesson and know that if I try to push things to soon I’ll do damage. On the other hand, it’s so good to be able to move more freely that it’s a big temptation. When I read about your dancing I really wished I could dance too!

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