Sara – the life and times of Mlle Sara…

Bonjour, mes amis!  Here in central PA the weather has been variable…novena is finally done…funerals continue to preempt my days off…BUT I do have something of a day off tomorrow and plan to do a BIG walk.  I need to buy some FOOD…

Steps for the week! 

Wed. Oct. 1 – 4866 steps, 110 calories, 1.68 miles.

Thurs. Oct. 2 – 4178 steps, 88 calories, 1.45 miles.

Fri. Oct. 3 – 11,184 steps (5620 aerobic), 261 calories, 3.88 miles.  YES!

Sat. Oct. 4 – 8237 steps (3713 aerobic), 194 calories, 2.86 miles.  Pretty good!

Sun. Oct. 5 – 5813 steps, 145 calories, 1.95 miles.  Gotta say this was the first day that my weight was below 147…a connection with the last two days of walking?  Probably.

Mon.  Oct. 6 – 8265 steps (3947 aerobic), 196 calories, 2.86 miles. 

Tues. Oct. 7 – 9136 steps (4317 aerobic), 226 calories, 3.17 miles.

Wed. Oct. 8 – 2231 steps, 50 calories, .77 miles, 200 reps on cardioglide machine.  Hey, I nearly just put “nothing” — but this wasn’t really “nothing!”   Just “less…” 

I forget which day it was, but I noticed something else about the Omron — until one has walked 10 minutes at an aerobic pace, it does not register any aerobic steps.  On one of these days, I walked to the nearby Sheetz to buy some milk, but it didn’t take that long and I slowed down in the store, so my steps weren’t recorded.  Only later when I had 10 minutes of consecutive aerobically paced steps, did it record them.  Hm.  OK.  Just an FYI here!

Might as well put in today’s steps while I’m at it!  Thurs. Oct. 9 – 3936 steps.  97 calories, 1.36 miles.  And I am back up to 148 lbs.  But unrepentant!  Gloating even.  I’ve enjoyed my pig-outs!  I’ll hit the pavement this weekend, you betcha!  Happy walking and yoga-ing etc. to all of you!   Cheers!



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8 responses to “Sara – the life and times of Mlle Sara…

  1. lilalia

    Is it just my impression, but are we all walking more than we used to? Good going!

  2. It’s not an impression, Lia, I think we are gathering impetus 😉
    And Sara, when you do reps on your cardioglide machine, you can’t say it’s nothing, even if your step count is not as high as previously. On days when I go swimming, I hardly walk at all…
    You had another great week!

  3. Sara

    Thanks, you two! Yes, Lia, I know I am walking much more.
    Claude, I think my discounting of the cardio machine goes back to my doctor, who used to pooh pooh it when I first started it 5 years or so ago. He wanted me to walk every day and back then, I found that very difficult. He would always ask me, “how long did you spend on it?” and I could never tell him, because watching the clock made it into such a boring endeavor. Building up reps, that I could get into. I do know that I can now do 100 reps at a stretch and that I break a sweat (a moderate sweat) doing that. I like it because it works the arms and has a nice feel to it, the rocking motion. I’ve never really been sure how valuable it is as exercise, really, when I only do it for these brief periods.
    But you’re right, NOT “nothing!” I may try to get into a habit of using it more often, especially as the weather turns nasty.

  4. I understand that for cardiovascular exercise, it’s not so much the sweat –I lift a feather and I sweat ;)– but the hearbeats. A way of knowing if you are going ‘aerobic’ is to see if you can sustain a conversation with someone, in other words, being slightly out of breath, but not too much, is the right way of doing this.

  5. naomidagenbloom

    Three things here. First, great step numbers and so consistent!

    Second, thanks for illuminating more on the Omron and aerobic step count mystery. Now know why it also records the minutes for that mode and explains why it is extended subway-step-climbing only gets the nod, sigh.

    Third, Googled to learn about Cardoglide. So that’s what it looks like–pretty strenuous to me. Doctors need to encourage more…whatever floats your boat and leads you on, Sara. It’s all about process: maybe you would not have come to this point without cardio efforts.

  6. Sara

    Yes, I think that’s true — I bought the glide (used – $40!) more than 10 years ago when I began TRYING to exercise. At first I could do only a little before my arms began to hurt. It seems that most people who use this do 10 or 20 minute sessions. I still cannot do this. My best is 5 minutes before my arms say “help!”
    Claude, how do you post a picture here? do I just copy and paste into my posting? I would like to stick in a photo of the Health Rider.

  7. To post a photo, the easiest way is to use flickr, since you are a flickrina 😉
    you can either follow the procedure described here or

    To include the ‘MEDIUM’ sized version of your image..
    1. Go to that photo’s page in your photostream
    2. Select the ‘Zoom’ [or ‘All Sizes’] button located on the toolbar just above the photo
    3. Select the ‘MEDIUM’ button link from the Download Page
    4. Scroll down to the ‘To link to this photo on other websites’ area, and, right click inside
    the FIRST html code box which says ” Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage”
    5. Copy the highlighted code, then, paste it into your new comment box here.. :`)
    The second method is the one I use. But to do that, you have to use the html code to post and not the visual
    Third method is to upload the photo to wordpress, following their prompts (above the writing box)

    Hope I’m making sense.
    Don’t hesitate to ask if I’m not clear

  8. sablonneuse

    Yes, you are all definitely clocking up more and more steps. Keep it up – I hope to follow in your footsteps!

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